10 Realistic Wellness Tips Anyone Can Implement

1) Drinking enough water.

There are many opinions on how much water to drink based on weight, weather, activity level etc. Just aim for at least 1.5L, and then see how you feel. If you're currently drinking much less than this, increase your intake gradually otherwise you will notice the number of pee-breaks you need. There's so many benefits I don't need to list them but my digestion and skin greatly benefited from drinking more water. I will have a more detailed blog post coming soon on this topic.

2) Eat vegetables every day.

This one is simple, just do it. There's tonnes of recipes on Pinterest or wherever for recipes. Or quite simply make yourself a salad or steam and then season them. Those are my two quickest methods, depending on type of vegetable and season. Comment below if you'd like more blogs or recipes on this.

3) Eat protein at every meal.

This will not only keep you satisfied for longer, its essential to get enough protein for muscle maintenance. Whether you're going working out or not, you need to fuel your body. Don't deprive yourself. I try to switch it up constantly so I don't get bored. I switch between chicken, turkey, fish, beef, tofu for main meals. And I go for greek yoghurt, protein powder, nuts, protein bars/home baking, sometimes jerky, and peanut butter.

4) Move your body.

By taking care of your joints and muscles, you will notice the impact as you get older. It's also really good to get out of your emotional stuckness by moving your physical self. Christal Fuentes of The Ladies Coach taught me that. And getting that blood flowing is really good to move toxins through (and out) of your body. Notice I don't say "exercise", because I know some people cringe when they hear/see it. Just move, my love. Find something you enjoy, (maybe take a friend?) and it won't feel like you're working out.

5) Rest is important.

You can't expect a car to go, go, go without a fuel stop or a service, so why do you expect yourself to be able to? Let me guess, you also beat yourself up when you're resting, thinking I should really be doing *insert task* right now and get the guilts over it? Stop. You deserve (and your body needs you) to rest. Developing a friendship with our bodies is actually really crucial to understanding that it has needs too.

6) Listen to your body.

This really builds on the previous points. If you are sick, very sore or injured, do not risk further issues by working out. This does take practice, learning how to pay attention to our body and what it wants. If your body wants (or needs) a night out dancing with the girls, babe you go for it. If your body needs to go to bed early, please listen. If your planned high intensity session today makes you sad, opt for something you will enjoy. If your body needs digestive care, take care of that. It will get easier and you will learn what to do and when. The awareness is the starting point.

7) Calm your mind.

This brings me to my next point. The negative self-talk has got to simmer down back there. I mean it, if you said those things to your best friend, you wouldn't have her/him in your life anymore. Each time those thoughts creep into your mind, stop them in their tracks. You don't have to counteract them, just stop them. Also, you might benefit from reading "How to be H.O.T." by Christal Fuentes (who I mentioned above), if you want a simple and easy-to-understand approach to mastering your thoughts. I found it to be very helpful.

8) Do what makes you happy.

Every day, I want you to take a moment, whether it's in the shower or on your drive to work, to think what would make me happy today? And do that thing. It can be tiny, such as drink a coffee on the porch, or watch the kids play. It could even be doing something kind for someone else. And when you take that moment, savour it. Happiness isn't a destination, it's made up of tiny mindful moments along the way.

9) Be kind to yourself and others.

Being kind to others is fairly self-explanatory, but can take some practice in the moment. When you feel your emotions rising, become aware and try not to snap back at your co-worker, child or partner. That's a form of kindness. Kindness to yourself takes a little more practice, especially if you've been beating yourself up for 20+ years. Let go of judgment, criticism and hurt - is it doing you any good? I still believe in striving for better things, but not at the cost of negativity. Sometimes your courage may need a little (or big) push to get to where you want to go, but being kind should get you there without any negative side effects.

10) Be aware of your surroundings

This comes down to mindfulness. Being present in the moment, and I know this is a hard concept to grasp because it took me a while. But think about something you really enjoy doing, for example mine is designing marketing or informational material. I can get stuck into that task, and lose an hour in what feels like 5 minutes. That is a state of Flow. That is being present. If we can use that concept with more frequency like enjoying your coffee on the porch or having a conversation with your mum without thinking about your to-do list, we will notice that our days aren't just happening to us. We're living our own lives.

If you would like help implementing any of these tips, (or maybe you have a goal of your own) please contact me for a Free Consultation.


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