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Whenever I have a scheduled workout but seriously don’t want to do it, I always make a deal with myself. Do 20 minutes and if you don’t want to do any more, then you’re done. This way I’ve got at least some movement into my day, still making baby steps towards my goals and I don’t feel like a fat loser for bailing. 95% of the time, when that 20-minute timer goes off, I can do more, and I kinda want to. It’s like the perfect length of time for the endorphines to kick in.

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But if you’re battling injury, sickness or honestly feeling completely lousy, don’t even attempt 20 minutes. Just listen to your body. Normally you know when it’s a mind thing or a body thing.

This little workout hack honestly got me through my first 2 years of going to the gym. I did not look forward to it at all. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The other little trick is to design workouts that are fun, challenging and keep you motivated. Or have really wicked music or shows to watch.

**I am not a personal trainer so while I would consider this “beginner-intermediate”, do not attempt without consulting your medical professional first. As always, listen to your body, it’s very important.


Here are some 20-minute Movement ideas that will get you motivated:

  • YouTube has a million workouts – just type in "20 minute workout" and you can specify things like abs, cardio, low impact as well.

  • Go for a walk or run outside, take a friend or listen to a good podcast or upbeat music.

  • Pick your favourite TV show or Netflix and watch that while you’re on the treadmill

  • If your cardio equipment has games, play one! I can lose 30 minutes in no time at all when I play sudoku at my gym.

  • Do your housework and kill two birds with one stone. Put on some music and do a little dance, twerk, sing, whatever you want.

  • Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is my favourite yogi, if you want something a little gentler.

  • Upper at-home HIIT (equipment: 1 resistance band {RB})

  • 3 minute warm-up walk/jog

  • 30 star jumps

  • 10 pushups

  • 15 RB rows

  • 15 RB Lat Pulldowns

  • 5 burpees

  • 15 RB bicep curls (each arm)

  • 15 RB tricep extensions (each arm)

  • 30 second plank

  • Jog 5 laps, or do 30 skaters

  • 15 RB rear delt flys

  • 15 RB lateral raises

  • 12 squat to shoulder press

  • 24 commandos (12 each side)

  • 5 burpees

Repeat once more and then do a 5 minute walk to cool down.

  • Lower at-home HIIT

  • Warm-up 3 minutes

  • 20 jumping jacks/star jumps

Repeat 1-3 times more and do a 5 minute walk to cool down

  • Gym Legs (equipment: 1 medium/heavy kettlebell - KB)

  • 5 minute warm up on bike/elliptical/step climber

  • 12 jump squats

  • 12 KB squats

  • 12 KB plie squats

  • 12 KB side lunges to leg lift

  • Repeat last 4 again

  • 20 jumping jacks/star jumps

  • 12 KB one-legged deadlifts (on each side)

  • 12 KB lunges (on each side)

  • Repeat last 3 again

  • 5 minute cool down

  • Upper HIIT workout (equipment: light/medium dumbbells)

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Or make your own workout plan based on what your wants, needs, desires are. And what you have available. You might find this blog useful.

Love you girls! Let me know how you go by commenting below. I’ve done these workouts multiple times myself and I always feel good afterwards.

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You’ve got this!!

Love love,

Lizah xo

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