2018: A year of Discomfort for Growth

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I don’t know about anyone else, but 2017 was a really tough year for me. And when I look back on 2018, it felt much easier. But in different ways.

2018 was all about my business for me. It was a year of personal growth – lots of “holy shit I’m putting myself out there” moments.

It challenged me in ways I’ve never felt, so frequently and consistently for such a long period. Sure, there were times in high school where I had to do a presentation, but that was like 4 in a year. A presentation is about the only thing I can compare to creating a document or post and putting it out online for all the world to see. And I realise that to some people, this is nothing. But I am generally a shy-ish, semi-introverted, hate being the centre-of-attention kind of person.

In 2018, I had a goal to get my business really pumping, 100% off the ground and gain some traction. In January, I ran a 5 day Facebook challenge for 18 ladies. And I learnt a lot. Mostly about systems. But also about psychology. There were many things I could have done better, but you live and you learn right? In late January, I also hired a business coach. Personally, we had our first dinner party/barbecue on Australia day and it was pretty good.

I worked with the business coach for about four months, and I’m not going to lie, there were times I didn’t like her much. I envisioned saying these grievances to her. But deep down I knew she was pushing me for a reason. I knew I needed the accountability to push me through my own fears and barriers. And so, in March I created my first free download for release. I also created the graphics, copy and two landing pages. Plus the email automation to deliver the document. Doing all of these things meant researching, choosing a system and learning those systems too. I created Facebook ads and conducted “warm” sales calls. This was hard for me, I have never liked talking on the phone… always nervous about messing up my words.

I also hired a personal trainer to teach me how to box and lift heavy weights properly. That was a big step for me because I had put it off for so long that I felt kind of silly, still being unsure, you know? Follow my personal account for more about this process.

In May, I started to doing weekly Facebook lives. These scared the shit out of me honestly. I hate being on camera, I’m not natural or photogenic but I had to use this simple and easy tool to put myself out there on Facebook more. I set up a new booking system for clients to book sessions. Created new landing pages and automations on entirely new platforms, from the first freebie.

In June I embarked on 30 days of yoga and felt pretty great, see this blog for more. Released the second free download and marketed that on social media. I did a photo shoot with some student from Brisbane… which was strange but good for me to do something like that for others. I got my Instagram looking a little more chic – utilising IG TV and story highlights. Check me out!

In July and August, I worked on my “decluttering project”, just imagine “Marie Kondo’ing” before she hit Netflix. See this blog for decluttering help. At the end of my decluttering, we found out we had to move house, which was crazy timing. But that’s just life I guess. I also started having 1 day a week where I decreased my calories quite a lot, in an attempt to give my digestive system a break. Think 5:2 diet but only 6:1. It went quite well, but eventually I did stop because it was messing with my head a bit.

I undertook a Stress Management Course through Wellness Coaching in August, and that was pretty great.

September was pretty much taken up by moving. I also created and released another download, whilst maintaining social media and blogging.

October – we travelled to Bali for my hubby’s birthday and it was amazing. It was our first time and we did about 50:50 of relaxing to adventuring. I released a quiz online. And started a new fitness plan and generally took care of me and my romantic relationship.

At some point in there, I created a Facebook group. Join here. So in November, I ran a giveaway for my members and it went really well.

November was awash with creating a new recipe e-book with healthier Christmas treats. So much fun! But also so many food fails. On a whim, I applied for a program offered for rural women in business and I was successful! We also went on a work camping trip, which was new and different for us. We finally got to test out the new tent… and it almost ended in divorce haha.

In December, I launched the e-book and designed a webinar to run in the new year about setting goals and all that good stuff. I had an awesome Christmas break


Definitely going to the Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast to see Athletics and Hockey. It was absolutely amazing. They did a fantastic job making each event an entire experience from the volunteers at the train station to the music choices, food options, entertainment, everything. We also attended our first Aussie rodeo and Speedway races. I got up at 4am to watch a meteor shower (it was a bit disappointing). Bali, of course!! We also went to the Brisbane Show (Ekka) and I showed my husband how Brisbane does its version of Calgary Stampede.

I learnt:

How to make sushi, how to better balance my time between business and pleasure, that it’s okay to ask for help with my business Pinterest account and my business in general, that making mistakes is a part of life and it’s really not that big of a deal to us regular people, a whole boatload of technical stuff around landing pages, email automations, webinars and other platforms.

I made my first ever cheesecake, got rid of a bunch of stuff I didn’t need or want, and moved to a new house.

In terms of Health and Fitness, I lost 2.2 kgs overall, which is okay. I’m still working towards my ideal body goals, but I don’t want to emphasise this area of my life in this post, because it can trigger negative stuff (for me or you). I completed 2 weightlifting programs and started doing classes at the end of October. I feel like I have a good handle on balance when it comes to working out, I’m don't feel obsessed. But I am more and more in-tune with my body as I get older. Classes definitely upped my fitness levels and I’m running for longer, and jumping higher (neither of these I’m good at, or like doing). I tried doing 1 low-cal day a week for about 2 months, and that was an eye-opening experience. I did one month of meditation and found it really beneficial for my mental state.

So many things!

How was your 2018? Remember to look back on it with warmth. The ups, the downs, they all taught you something. And even when things really sucked, you’ve survived it. And that’s amazing.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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