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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

March 9, 2018

Girls, I just turned 29. I don't know what to think about that. But I'm determined to make it a damn good year. So I made a 30 before 30 list of things to do in the last year of my twenties.

March 25 2019

Well, what a year! I'll post below how I went with everything. See my 2018 Recap Blog for more detail on my year, especially around business.

Here goes:

1. Go on a trip somewhere new

Bali Baby! We went for my husband's birthday week and it was a little bit last minute, so I didn't really plan anything... which is unusual for me.

2. Take a class - Photography or cooking

I did take a Photography class, on March 1st 2019. So just after my birthday, but I'm okay with that. Living in Roma, we don't have a lot of opportunities to attend workshops and courses so it would have taken some planning to book one in the city (6 hours) away.

3. Learn more about wine

We went to Sirromet Winery in Mt Cotton in August to do a winery tour and tasting. We stayed for a beautiful Tuscan lunch on the terrace.

Sirromet Winery lunch

4. Go camping

We went on a 1 night camping trip with my day job team for our Christmas Party in the bush. No pictures because it was not glamorous.

5. Learn how to meditate properly

See my 30 Days of Meditation Blog.

6. Pay off HECS (university) debt

Done! On February 26th, the day before my birthday. I made payments all year long and stayed on track with my budgeting.

7. Read 5 non-fiction and 5 fiction books

I definitely found my love of reading again with novels. I read 8 or 9 at least. Mostly Liane Moriarty, Celeste Ng and a couple of other authors. However I only completed 4 Personal Development books, I am halfway through "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis and a third into "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins

8. Eat a macaroon (I know, how have I gone through life without eating one? Although apparently I have had one... clearly not memorable.)

I just learnt something... a macaroon and macaron is different things. I thought I was crazy because I was sure they were different. I thought I was just saying it wrong. I have had macaroons, I wanted to try a macaron. And I did!

macaron Whisky Business delicious

9. Do something physical that scares me - maybe high ropes?

I went to O'Reilly's in the Gold Coast Hinterland. They have a treetop walk. It's 16 metres in the air, suspended from the trees. I can't say I'm comfortable with heights, so this was a little challenging.

10. Start a collection

Opted out of this one... I just figured I don't need more stuff just for the sake of having a collection. I do already have an epic ribbon collection.

11. Create a recipe e-book and publish it

Done! In November 2018 I worked hard to create a Healthy Christmas Treats E-Book. Email me if you'd like a copy.

12. Make sushi at home

Yep, done. Once. I still have leftover nori sheets, which I should use up.

13. Make my family tree, with medical history

Half done. I have the majority of the names and some medical details. I just need to straighten it up a bit.

14. Go to a music festival

This didn't happen. I tried, but dates, locations and music genres just didn't work out in my favour. I might be going to one in October this year...?

15. Watch a meteor shower

I did this on April 30th at 4am. And it was pretty disappointing TBH. I'm sure there are better ones to watch.

16. Learn how to make cocktails properly

I made a Moscow Mule, Pimms Cocktail and a delicious Christmassy drink with Maple Whisky and chocolate milk. I know, these are ridiculously beginner but I will learn more.

17. Go snorkelling at Tangalooma

Didn't get this one done. However, I did go snorkelling in Bali... so that was pretty epic.

18. Unplug for 1 whole day

I did this during the camping trip in November. I had no service so that made it a little easier. It felt strange not checking it constantly, but after a day, I felt calmer and more relaxed.

19. Go on a winery tour

As above!

20. Paint a piece of art for my house

Completed this on March 8th. I don't love it, but that's okay.

acrylic painting canvas paint and sip

21. Feed some beautiful birds

On our trip to O'Reilly's, I fed the birds. Let's just say I'm not a huge fan of birds... I don't trust them, what can I say?

birdfeeding O'Reilly's rainforst retreat

22. Get my finances in order

I did see my local bank manager about my account set-up and she suggested a different savings account to suit our needs. Also consolidating some of our debts and clearing some up really helped in this area.

23. Host a dinner at home

I did this a few times actually. Taco/Burrito night, pizza, pulled pork, roast beef, BBQ. It's amazing what having a good space will do for your social life.

24. Make a cheesecake

Obvs made a cheesecake for one of the dinner parties, and then took the leftovers to another dinner thing.

25. Define my fashion style and buy 2 staple items

I did try to figure out what my Style is, and wrote down a list of classic items that I need to round out my wardrobe a little bit. From my list, I did purchase a cashmere jumper, plain white t-shirt, slick but comfortable lounge pants for travelling and a coloured button-down blouse. I have a few more items I'm on the look-out for like, a fitted white blouse, black ballet flats, heeled booties, knee-high (flat) black boots with a good sole, a pleated skirt (for work things), amongst others.

26. Quieten my negative self-talk

This is not really a measurable goal, which is my fault for not writing it that way. There are still days that the negativity creeps in, but essentially I have deprived that thought process a little bit. My brain just doesn't go there as often anymore.

27. Buy a piece of art

I haven't done this yet, but I've been looking. I just honestly can't choose, there's so many options!!

28. Be a calm listener

Still working on this, especially where my husband is concerned. It's easy to get impatient with family and close friends.

29. Sort out our photos

I did a lot of research on what's the best way to store photos and settled on Google Photos (100gb for $2.49/mth) because of it's security, and sorting function. I uploaded ever photo from our old external hard drives, SD cards, phones etc. and I'm slowly working through and deleting shitty duplicates of the same thing.

30. Minimalise my life - move on the stuff I don't use or want

I did this in July-August 2018. And then we moved house so I found even more stuff I didn't need and have slowly been moving that on too. See my blog post on decluttering.

Ideal World extras:

31. Become self-employed

32. Get a puppy

33. Buy a Kitchenaid Mixer

34. Buy a New car

35. Start a garden

LOL didn't do any of these... oh well, next steps.

As you can see, some of these are really practical like the money-stuff. And some I've just never gotten around to doing. I googled other 30 before 30 lists and honestly I have done a lot of stuff on those lists. So I had to make mine a bit unique to me. Obviously. But I also didn't want to rest on my laurels, I had to make it interesting and jam-packed full of activities. And I do have some skills I want to be better at, so why not work on that too?

Hey, if anyone wants to join me on any of these or you have a list of your own, I'd love to hear it! I hope you hold me accountable to these. It's a lot of stuff to do in less than a year!

Love you xo

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