5 Steps for Working Out on your Period

Updated: May 22, 2019

On day one of my period, I typically just want to crawl into a hole, with a wheat pack, watch childhood classics and be left alone, but not lonely, if that makes sense.

This Sunday just gone, was day one. I was cranky, miserable and feeling sorry for myself. I felt fatigued, sore, and stiff.

But Sunday’s are back day for me, and since I’m working on strengthening my back because of my poor posture, I couldn’t allow myself to skip the gym. And my husband and I had made pork belly the night before and I felt the need to work that through my digestive system.

So I made myself a deal, go to the gym, do my best and go home for breakfast.

Then I could spend a few hours on the couch chillin. I got in there and lifted heavy, took very few rest breaks and was done in 30 minutes.

Now, you DON’T need to force yourself to workout if you feel rotten. Number one rule is to listen to your body.

But, if you still wish to stick to your goals, here are my recommendations:

  1. Assess what you need

  2. Then pick a workout that suits you for the day.

  3. Typically, doing easy cardio like a walk outside, helps cramps a lot. Getting some fresh air, sunshine and taking your mind off it will help as well.

  4. Yoga, foam rolling and stretching is another good option to loosen tight hips.

  5. If you’re keen to lift weights, train upper back, biceps, triceps or chest. Steer clear of abs, legs, glutes and lower back if you’re not feeling great. Understand that you might feel weaker, or your endurance is shit. Take your rest periods, lighten your load, do fewer reps and/or sets and forgive yourself. Tomorrow’s another workout.

We all know that exercise helps produce endorphines and that makes us feel better. And by doing my workout in the morning, it calmed my cramps, and helped me feel at least a little bit productive that day.

How do you feel on your period? Or does the trouble start just before? If you have any tips or things you do for workouts, comment below.

If you'd like to know what you could be eating during Aunt Flo's visit to make her a little more tolerable, see this blog post.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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