6 Steps to Boost Your Self-Belief and Confidence, without the "woo woo"

About 8 weeks ago, I hit an absolute wall. I was completely down in the dumps about myself. My anxiety started playing up, and then depression hit. And then it was a lovely merry-go-round of shitty emotions. I honestly had no idea how to get out of it.

I had all the physical symptoms, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, skin was not good, not sleeping well. And I had lost motivation for life. I felt numb half the time and a mix of self-loathing, depression and anxiety the rest of the time. It sucked. Throughout my life I’ve been fairly self-aware and have a few techniques, but this time NONE of them helped.

So I went searching. And I found almost nothing new. In this day and age, there's so, so much stuff out there that the good stuff gets completely lost.

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Here’s my six steps to getting out of the slump

1. Nourish yourself – these are the initial stages of self-care

- Have a really good sleep

- Drink 3 litres of water a day

- Give your body fruit and vegetables and eat regularly

Once you physically start to take care of yourself, you might start to find that all your mind needed was a bit of physical love.

2. Self-care – stage 2 / your typical self-care activities

- Do something that you love, that relaxes you, that makes you happy. Keep doing these things. You deserve it and you’re so worth it. The point is to be present and ask yourself "what I want to do right now?"

- Ideas include: taking a bath, reading a book, getting a massage, going for a walk, listening to music, writing, drawing, colouring, breakfast in bed, watching a movie, get off of social media for a whole day.

3. Meditate or be still

- This is practising mindfulness, being present, calming those thoughts down. I struggle with this, so I use a guided meditation – there’s a million apps, and tracks on Spotify etc.

- Also get rid of any unnecessary clutter in your life . I’m not just talking about physical stuff. I mean obligations, events you’ve said yes to but you’re really dreading, toxic people, delegate tasks if you have to. Just simplify. Your mind is already feeling messy. Let’s clear up the other stuff too. That’s how you can have more stillness, by doing less!

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4. Get it all out

- Either write, type or tape record it, it doesn’t matter. Psychologically, writing is better because seeing those words in your own handwriting seems more real, but whatever works. By getting it out of your head, you can start to see patterns, where the problems may lie in your thought patterns and what may be factually incorrect. I want you guys to know that they are JUST THOUGHTS. We are in control of these, and we can take control. We don’t have to give further energy or emotions to them. Let them pass through your mind like the breeze, especially if they’re not based on fact. You will never know the full story, so don’t make one up. See this post for more on this.

- Once you’ve finished getting it all out. Rip it to tiny pieces and chuck it out. Or move it to the recycle bin and then delete it.

5. Power of positive thinking

- Now I know as much as anyone that when you feel like you’re a worthless piece of shit, you’ll listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. So download an affirmation app. Record some affirmations in your own voice. And listen to them. You’ll be surprised at how it makes you feel.

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6. Connect with someone

- Please don’t feel like you have to suffer alone. Reach out, be a little bit vulnerable and share what’s going on with someone you trust. Let them hug you. Or tell you it’s going to be okay. Work through it. If you don't feel comfortable telling anyone in your own life, message me here. I got your back, no judgement.

And if all else fails, go away for a couple of days. Don’t allow yourself to think about work or the things that are bothering you. Do all the things you love and let your mind rest. No pressure.

You deserve it. I love you. You’re the best.

Contact me if you need a cheerleader. I’m your girl.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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