6 Things to Make for Dinner when You're Exhausted

We’ve all been there, big day, you’re home later than normal and you haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner. You’re either ravenous, or really not feeling like eating but know you should have something. This is where meal-prepped meals come in handy, but if you’re not that organised, no problem!!

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Whether you’re cooking for just you, or the whole family, here are a few of my tried-and-true options:

1) Breakfast for dinner (otherwise known as “Brinner”) – if you have eggs, bacon, sausages, or beans, great! Even better if you have a few veggies in the fridge to toss into an omelette, scrambled eggs… although let’s be honest, most omelettes turn into scrambles anyway. Or even a frittata or quiche. This is perfect for when you need to do a fridge cleanout or are running very low on groceries. Throw some toast on the side for carbs and you’re all set. Or just eat toast, you won’t die from not eating a proper dinner one time.

2) Smorgasbord / Buffet (my dad calls this "funny dinner") – it could also be known as a fridge-cleanout meal. Pull out everything from the fridge that you could eat. Assess whether you need to grab a soup or something else from the pantry or freezer. Then just start putting all the random things on your plate. Heat up whatever you need to. Mine almost always consists of cheese and crackers, whatever veggies I can munch on like cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I like it coz it's something a bit different. Kids love this one coz they have some power over making up their own plate.

3) Toastie/toasted sandwich/grilled cheese – my family loves this one. Pretty self-explanatory really. If you don’t have bread, you could use a wrap and make more of a quesadilla.

4) Salad with tuna – requires a little more prep work and may not suit the whole family. But if it’s just me, I will throw together a salad and add a can of tuna or salmon. Add seasoning if you need to.

5) Steamed veg and protein – you know the single serve frozen vegetables you can buy? The ones you steam in the microwave? Grab one of them, steam it up and add a can of tuna, salmon, or whatever protein you have. Chickpeas works well too. Add seasoning if you need to. This one’s nice if you want something warm in your belly. Add a packet of Uncle Bens or other brand of pre-cooked rice for some more sustenance.

6) You don’t have to go savoury either, it’s just one night so it wouldn’t kill you to have cereal, porridge/oatmeal, a meal replacement shake/green protein smoothie, yoghurt and fruit. I know this isn’t what you were expecting but society makes us put far too much pressure on ourselves to eat certain foods at certain times and get enough of this and that. I promise you’ll be alright if you just stick to something healthy. Plus the kids love it. Like “mum’s finally gone crazy!”

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The main thing is to try and get at least 2 of the 3 macros – fat, carbs and protein. All 3 would be better. If you have fruit and veg as well, even better. You got this.

If it’s just you, you’re absolutely wrecked, you feel like you’ve eaten enough for the day and you don’t want to eat more, that’s alright too. My advice is to have a large glass of water and go to bed.

Take care babes. Comment below what your favourite quick dinner is.

And reach out if you would like to chat.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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