6 Ways to Move Your Body at your Desk Job

As an Admin Officer, I have sat at a desk for 8 years. And man have I felt the effects of a sedentary job. Especially as I have been embarking on my own weight loss for 5 of those years. It affects your shape, flexibility, strength, and all of these things can cause back pain. So here’s a few things that have helped me stay mobile.

1) Download computer apps or maybe even phone apps that are on a timer. This will remind you to get up, go for a walk, or grab a drink of water every hour. Many of us have parts of our job that require some movement, such as filing and we can use those moments to do these tasks. Studies show that optimum concentration can achieved in 50 minute blocks, focus begins to decrease after that.

2) Instead of emailing or calling someone, go to their office or desk and chat to them. You can often accomplish much more when you see someone in person.

3) When you go to the toilet, do 10 squats and some stretching while you’re in the cubicle. If it’s a private bathroom, even better, you have plenty of room for all different bodyweight movements like lunges, wall push ups, glute raises.

4) There’s exercises you can do while at your desk too. These include calf raises, leg extensions, butt clenches. Here’s a website for more ideas: https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/exercise-sitting-down/

5) If your workplace has a gym, an accessible rooftop, or stairs, feel free to utilise that during work hours. Running stairs is a wicked cardio workout and it doesn’t take long to get the blood pumping. Walking upstairs to the rooftop for your break is a great idea too; fresh air works wonders for your mental state.

6) Start a walking group at lunch. Or just walk by yourself. Even 10 minutes will have awesome benefits on your productivity and you’ll feel better too. The added bonus is that you may even eat less.

By including more incidental exercise and movement into your work day, you may just find that you have more energy, find you have better concentration and less aches and pains. For stretches you can do, see https://www.verywellfit.com/best-stretches-for-office-workers-1231153 .

Let me know how you go. I have found that these have helped me so much. And I can tell when I haven't been taking care of myself (by doing these) because by the end of the week my body feels broken. And just for sitting all week, it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? I have also found that including core and back resistance workouts (which improves my posture) every week, I feel a lot better too. Ask a reputable PT if you’d like help with this.

Reach out if you’d like more tips like this or if I can help you work some stuff out.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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