6 Ways to Drink More Water Each Day

Now we all know of the benefits of drinking enough water each day, but here’s a little refresher.

  • Keeps your digestion moving, therefore making for happier poos (sorry not sorry), less bloating, and makes things easier on your organs. Also, better digestion = faster weight loss due to your body digesting and absorbing the nutrients you’re feeding it, as well as an appetite suppressant.

  • Clearer skin

  • Faster recovery from workouts and generally less pain in joints and muscles.

  • Helps with brain function for clear thinking, fights sickness, makes you feel better when you’ve got a hangover.

All the pros have their opinions on how much to drink per day ranging from 9-16 cups a day.

Some say to use this formula:

Your weight in pounds x 0.5 = ounces of water you should be drinking each day

Example: 70kgs= 154.3 pounds x 0.5 = 77.16 in fluid ounces = 2252.32ml

Then the experts say a rule of thumb is to drink an extra 8oz or 250ml for every 30 minutes of exercise.

So if this 70kg woman worked out for 45 minutes she would aim for 2.625 litres (85.16oz) of water that day.

I am not an expert, or your doctor, but my recommendation is to work up to where you feel is the optimal amount of water for you. I do not condone drinking litres and litres a day for weeks at a time unless you’re in a very hot country or need to based on your doctors’ recommendations.

Here is a list of options for how to work more water into your diet:

1. Drink a large glass of water upon getting up, before coffee or breakfast. I always have a glass right next to my water filter/the tap so it’s easy to grab and fill.

2. Aim to have a glass of water before each meal.

3. Get one of those two litre “Big Bottles” (or a gallon jug) and carry that around with you. You can find them online or at Rebel Sports, most health food shops, the list goes on.

4. Cold weather deterring you from wanting to drink cold water? Buy some herbal teas and a large coffee tumbler/takeaway cup. There’s some great fruity blends that may curb your sweet tooth. Sip your tea throughout the day for warmth and hydration.

5. Sick of plain water? You could try sparkling water for something different. Even better is buying a Soda stream and making your own sparkling water and adding flavours like fresh fruit, cucumber or mint at home. This way you can control the sugar (and hidden salt) a lot better.

6. Buy or make your own bottle with times on it. Aim to drink to that line by that time, and refill it if necessary. Like this:

I’m all about setting realistic goals for yourself so that’s why there’s a wide range of options because we’re all different, we have different situations, challenges and obstacles. If you saw an idea that may work for you or you get an idea from my list, give it a crack and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

If you would like some help setting goals or a coach for accountability, hit me up at strivewellness01@gmail.com.

Love love,


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