6 ways to move your body that don’t include the Dreaded Treadmill

We all have those days where you have the best intentions for a workout, but it just doesn’t work out (haha, but seriously, I’m sorry about that).

Here’s 6 ways to get some movement, without having to go out of your way:

1) Kids have sport or a birthday party? Go for a walk around the courts or the park, whatever is close by. You can still watch them score that amazing goal and talk about it for hours to come. Feel like you’re being the anti-social parent?

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Mention it when you first arrive and see if anyone else wants to join. Think about other ways you can keep active while at a kiddy thing. Another option would be to volunteer to run drills with the kids. Then you’ll be the "fun parent", but secretly, it’s mostly for your own benefit.

2) Go on Youtube and search for 20 minute at-home workouts (or whatever you like), there are literally thousands of options ranging from ab-tai-bo to saddle bag pilates (I made them up but they probably exist ) . Popsugar is a fantastic channel for these workouts.

3) While you’re making dinner, do some squats, push ups against the bench, downward dogs, lunges, planks, calf raises, the list goes on. Google "body-weight exercises" for more ideas. Alternatively, put a sweet 90’s dance playlist on and dance all your sillies away.

4) Have a half hour lunch break and lunch only takes 15 minutes? Go for a walk around the office or the block. Or walk to go and get your lunch. Look for opportunities to fit in extra steps each day. You could start a lunchtime walking group with your colleagues.

5) Make housework fun… I know, you think I’m crazy, but it’s the only way I get through it honestly. Plan out your tasks, do them in an order that makes sense, kick everyone out of the house (I’m kidding, but you never know, it could work), get some rad tunes going and get into it. I personally like tidying using the “box trick” (yes, I made it up). It involves getting a box and walking around the house collecting everything that doesn’t belong in that space and as I walk around, putting it back where it belongs… simple but effective. Then I wipe everything down. Clean the bathroom, toilet, dusting etc. THEN the vacuuming and steam mopping. I usually have a load of washing on at this time also. Boom, getting it done! Don’t think about it, just dance, sing, whatever floats your boat.

6) Plan a date where you don't sit in a movie theatre and eat. Go bowling, play tennis/minigolf/badminton, go for a walk around a park, go to an event where you dance like a concert, walk to the restaurant (in a safe neighbourhood), do a cooking class, go to a museum, theme park, the possibilities are endless. Stay home if you like and cook a meal together, have games night, play video games, dance. Pro tip though, quit competing before anyone gets too boasty about winning and things go sour.

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Have you got any other ideas? Share them in the comments below. We'd love to hear them.

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