7 ways to be Grateful every day without being annoyingly optimistic

1) Download the app Gratitude! And it will prompt you each day to make an entry. It takes about 2 minutes and it can be totally private, nobody needs to know.

2) Before you go to sleep at night, think of 3 things that went well that day. You can do this first thing in the morning instead, I just always forget and this helps me to shut my brain off at the end of a busy day. It also ends my day on a positive note.

3) Be aware of how you talk to yourself. Our negative mind has a habit of being pretty rough on ourselves. Have you ever said to yourself?

"Brush out your hair. You’re a mess."

"Don't wear that. It doesn't compliment your figure."

"Don't wear that. You'll send out the wrong message."

"Show a bit more skin, you prude."

"Don't get a pixie cut. It won't work for your face shape."

"You need to use concealer under your eyes, you look so tired all the time."

"Be more authentic."

"Stop being weird."

"You should workout harder if you want to reach your goals, you fat slob."

You need to flip that around; would you speak to your best friend like that? From now on, be a little gentler, a little kinder to yourself and stop those thoughts in their tracks. It takes practice, it won’t change overnight but it will happen. You will learn to love yourself little by little, and when we feel more confident, we can see things in a more positive light. Being grateful will come more easily.

4) Practice mindfulness. Being mindful means to be present. Not stressing about the future or analysing the past. I often see the example of sitting and focusing on your meal, without distractions of driving or the tv or your phone. It could be as simple as listening to your partner when they tell you a story and asking how they fixed that problem. Or enjoying a show without checking your phone. Being present makes us appreciate the moment in the moment. You may be thankful for the quiet, or that your partner wants to tell you about their day, or the humour in that show you’re watching, the kindness your child shows to the cat.

5) Living a healthy lifestyle. By adding in fun forms of movement and putting some veggies in our body, we feel better. When we feel better, we do better. We communicate more positively. We feel stronger. Our acne may clear up. We might even have more satisfying poo’s (sorry, had to go there). We might even sleep better. I have had a client say that their time management skills improved because they had to fit in their wellness goals as well. improving their time management skills assisted with their productivity levels and work performance also. The benefits of making one positive change could spread further in your life than you could imagine. Guys and girls, these are non-scale victories and they feel amazing. By challenging ourselves, we appreciate the things our bodies can achieve. And I am very much a believer in celebrating the little victories. Once you start seeing or feeling some positive changes, you will feel grateful, no doubt about it.

6) Taking a break during a busy work day is proven to increase productivity. By creating space in that busy mind of yours for just 5 minutes, you will find it easier to focus once you get back to it. So, my advice is, every hour or two, get up, go for a walk, stretch, get a snack, whatever. My personal favourite is to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Now I know this isn’t available for everyone but maybe just take 5 deep breaths and that will increase your oxygen levels, and your brain will work better. Just getting that blood flowing will really help to shift your mind from that task you’ve been working on. And by being mindful, taking that mindful break, you can see a little more clearly and you can appreciate the things that you maybe didn’t see before.

7) Showing your appreciation to colleagues, friends and family really goes a long way in building healthy relationships. I have always found it hard to say aloud my full appreciation of a person, just getting by with a quick “thanks”. So, I began adding a comment into emails or sending a text afterwards. My email comment would say something like “thank you, I very much appreciate your help”, or “you’re so good at this, thank you”. As I write those things, I briefly think about how that person went out of their way for me. And that makes me grateful.

Love Love,

Lizah xo

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