Inspire Your Inner Chef with a Cooking Challenge in 5 Simple Steps

For a previous fat girl foodie, turned fit girl foodie, I’m really struggling when it comes to cooking up new and exciting meals lately. Getting stuck in a rut and not finding too much inspiration for new meals that are healthy and delicious is really getting to me.

So this weekend I’ve set myself a task, a Cooking Challenge, if you will. And I figured that maybe it could help the tired, uninspired, or beginner cooks out there as well.

young woman cooking pasta amateur cook chef

I got the idea from a friend who told me her husband’s idea of a perfect Saturday was watching a cooking show, then buying all the ingredients and replicating the meal for dinner.

I personally get right into the show called My Kitchen Rules, which is about home cooks who cook for the other contestants. They make ordinary things, and extraordinary things. And to be honest, I usually feel a little under-skilled after watching. But also inspired to learn some of the basic meals from other cultures. As well as learning how to make certain things from scratch like ice-cream, sauces, pastry or pasta. Of course, like all reality shows, it has its fair share of horrible people, but I watch it for the cooking.

While I was watching, I started making a list of things I would like to try making myself. So when I have a relatively free Saturday or Sunday afternoon/night, I plan to make one of the dishes on the list.

lady rolling bread pasta pastry dough

If you’re going to give this a crack, here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Think of something you’ve always wanted to make. Or watch a cooking show, track down your favourite celebrity chef on Youtube or you could even call your grandma and ask for her about cooking.

  2. Google some recipes for that meal, get an old family recipe or develop your own version of all of these combined. These days if you have an allergy, you can make some simple replacements.

  3. Go to the supermarket/butcher etc and get what you need. Plan your drink pairing as well and buy that if necessary.

  4. Check the recipes again and ensure you set aside enough time for prep. Defrost any meat, marinate etc. And ensure you have all the necessary tools.

  5. And get cooking! It’s recommended that you get some good music on or watch a video on how to do certain techniques. This helps you to keep it light-hearted and fun. Stay in the kitchen though, if you’re using the stove or oven, because burnt food sucks.

The best thing about cooking is that it’s so experimental. So, if you stuff something up, it’s a learning experience. You know exactly what to do differently next time. And hopefully your guests aren’t too hard on you either! If you’re like me and don’t like to see food go to waste, I usually just eat it anyway, although I haven’t had too many epic fails either.

For more ideas about getting inspired in the kitchen, check out Make a Date, or Kids in the Kitchen.

Comment below, what’s your best kitchen failure so far? I have some funny stories about mine, which I’ll save for another day.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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