How to declutter your house, and your mind!

It’s pretty well known that a tidy space makes your mind feel less cluttered. I know that it’s like that for me. It’s actually proven to be therapeutic to clean your space.

And the benefits of a clean up are:

a) you might find stuff you’d misplaced

b) it will be clean!

c) you’ll feel like a real human again

I get that some people can function in messy spaces but eventually things need to be sorted out. Personally, I like that I rent and have an inspection every 6 months, because it gives me a reason to do a good clean.

A good starting point is to gather all the dirty clothes and throw a load of washing on while you’re cleaning. This may include sheets, towels and throw blankets.


You know exactly what that is, put things where they’re supposed to be. If they don’t have a place, create a place. You may need to buy more storage for this.

I have a trick if it feels too overwhelming. Grab a box. Walk around the house filling it with things that don’t belong in that room. As you enter the room it does belong in, put it away. It’s called the Box Trick and it works.

Another thing you can do is break it down, start in one room. Then move to the next. This doesn’t mean throwing all your shit into one room and closing the door. I am so guilty of this. Make sure you spend time in that room once everything’s in there and put it away properly.

Pick up everything you can from the floor. Make piles of where it needs to go. You may have one for a certain room, donations, take to someone’s house, mending or washing.


Do the dishes/put the dishwasher on, put appliances away you don’t use, reorganise your cupboards if you need to. Empty old food from the fridge and freezer. Go through the pantry and get rid of expired food or food you’ll never eat. Donate it, if that’s an option. Many food banks or meals-on-wheels will take it.

Once you’ve tidied, it’s time to clean.

  • Wipe down all benches, horizontal surfaces, ornaments, television in the living areas. Clean any scuff marks off walls.

  • Bathroom is a different story. I have different cleaning stuff for there. Wipe down vanity, basin, bath and spray the cleaning stuff in the shower to soak (if needed). Wipe down toilet, put the bleach in the bowl and leave to sit. Wipe down glass and mirrors.

  • Clean windows, if you need to.

  • Water your plants or put them outside for some sunlight.

  • Vacuum – including cobwebs, window ledges and the couches.

  • Mop all hard floors. Steam carpets, if you have the device.

  • Put on your diffuser, incense or use room disinfectant spray and open windows, if possible. To let some fresh air in and cleanse your space.

  • Scrub and flush the toilet bowl. Add a bowl smelly-thing, if you have one.

  • When you go for a shower next, finish cleaning the inside of it.

Finishing touches

  • Put all your laundry away. Don’t let it pile up again.

  • Put up fresh towels, reset your throws, make your bed.

  • Unpack the dishwasher and put all dishes away.

  • Bring house plants back inside.

Boom! You’re done. You might be exhausted but look at what you’ve done. You might already feel like a load is lifted. Comment below how it’s helped your mental state.

If you’re a real rookie at this stuff, email me, a fully-grown adult (sometimes) and I’ll walk you through it.

I know the list looks long, but it doesn’t take as long as you think it will. But then again, I don’t know what kind of pig sty you live in, or the ferals you live with, soooo good luck with that. Just do the best you can. Get the whole team involved if necessary!

Love love,

Lizah xo

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