Decluttering Your Stuff

For the month of July, I declared “Declutter month” in my household. I’ve just been living with too much stuff. And minimalism just keep popping up for me lately. However, I am not going to go that far because I need things. I want to keep the things I actually use, or will need to like luggage or (-20) winter gear. I’ve always felt that having a tidy space, helps put my mind at ease. It lowers anxiety for many people, and I am one of them.

So, I’ve been pondering this concept for a while. I then listened to a podcast on how to declutter.

The podcaster had 5 questions to ask yourself as you prepare:

  1. Why are you doing this? For me it’s about starting fresh. When we moved out, we bought a lot of cheap stuff or bought second hand and nothing matches, the quality isn’t great and is wearing out, or we just don’t use it. The next four are for when you’re actually doing it…

  2. Does this spark joy?

  3. Can I live without it?

  4. Is this one my favourite? To be used in the case of having two of the same or very similar items.

  5. Did I use this in the last 6 months? Will I use it in the next 6 months?

Now I’m not a wasteful person and I live in a small town, so I know the chances of selling my stuff for what it’s worth, is pretty slim. But I have definitely got some stuff that I’m willing to donate.

The whole task seemed pretty overwhelming. Especially because I really want to tidy things up as I go. When we moved it we kind of just plunked everything in a place and it hasn’t moved. I think it could be better. Our linen closet is also our utility closet and nothing fits. So that needs to change.

My plan of attack was to break down the house and yard into small bite-size pieces. Jewellery and accessories, clothes, shoes, bathroom, study, linen/utility closet, kitchen, CDs and DVDs, shed and 2 storage cupboards. I also warned my husband about a month in advance that this was happening. I knew he wouldn’t be keen on it and can be very sentimental. This worked out well because he had a great idea to switch our rooms around.

So we started with that. Moving the study furniture from the cold, small room that I don’t really like to work in, to the carpeted spare room with heating/cooling. So now I will stop taking over the kitchen table and start using the study.

Halfway through the month and we had made quite a mess, but I expected that. The study is moved, I’ve taken two bags to the opshop, we even towed my very first car to the metal recyclers. My jewellery has been sorted and some of it put up for sale.

It’s now the 27th and I’m not even close to finished. I did go through the bathroom cabinet and cleared out expired supplies, tidied it up etc. My next steps are to sort out our linen/utility closet, keep working on the study, go through my wardrobe (scary and I’ve been putting it off for ages), look over my kitchen pantry and utensils etc. I also have a CD collection that I literally never listen to... Spotify is now my go-to.

It’s feeling good, but messy. I’ll get there. Hubby got over it, real quick and says it's my project now. I thought it was going to be easier to be honest, but that’s okay. I guess that’s all part of adulting hey?

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Love love,

Lizah xo

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