How to Detox after a Blow Out

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We’ve all been there, had a family event, a wedding to attend, birthday party, weekend away with the girls or a holiday with your partner… and you had FUN! You didn’t worry about your diet or exercise at all.

But now you have the guilts. And you don’t feel great. Maybe sluggish, bloated?

Here’s 10 easy steps to sort you out:

1) Decide when your last day of eating like an asshole will be. If that’s today, cool. Look at the next steps now.

2) Have a large glass of water when you wake up. If you have lemon, put a squeeze of that in there. If you want it hot, go for it.

3) Have a breakfast that will nourish you. I try to stay away from gluten for this but that’s just personal preference. Ideas include: oats, fruit, eggs, veggies. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough to get you going.

4) Today, drink as much water as you can – aim for 3 litres. Coffee, juice, iced tea etc doesn’t count.

5) Try to stick to only eating at your meal/snack times – on holidays or other things we tend to graze, which isn’t a good habit for most of us.

6) At each of these meal/snack times think about nourishing your body. I recommend planning these out and having them prepped so there’s less risk of deviating from the plan. Think clean foods, like fruit, veggies, lean protein, nuts. Remember this is just until you’re feeling better, it’s not forever.

7) Check in with yourself – do you want to move your body? Or need to rest? Do what it tells you. If you’re exhausted from travelling or whatever, you should probably try to get some sleep. But if you want a sweaty, intense workout to burn off some extra energy, go for it. There’s also a chance you want both. And you can do both! Make yourself the priority today.

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8) If you run into cravings or think you will have them, apple cider vinegar has helped me with this. Especially sugar cravings. I fill my 750ml or 1L water bottle with water, add a tablespoon of ACV and some lemon juice. I usually drink that after lunch from 2-4pm because that’s usually my toughest time for cravings.

9) Have a healthy dinner, not too heavy and not too late. My go-to is protein and veggies (steamed, baked or a salad). I finish my water. Or have a cup of tea afterwards.

10) Wind down and go to bed at a reasonable hour. On days like this I have a bath and give myself a really good exfoliation to help with blood flow, drain my lymphatic system and scrub off any dead skin (or fake tan). Moisturise and read a book in bed… or something like that, preferably no phone though.


Remember that you’re the priority today. If you get an invitation out, you can go, if it feels right, but try to stick to the clean foods idea and steer clear of sugary or alcoholic drinks. Just for this time. You can do it. I usually order a small steak with veggies. If it comes with potatoes or something, go with plain baked potato or ask for extra veggies/salad instead. They don’t mind. And I get sparkling water with lemon or lime. And no dessert. You may tell them you have to be home by 8pm for a call with your mum (or make something up). Whatever it is, it’s all doable. And you can have a life and feel like you’re taking care of yourself.

Otherwise, if you know what you need, and that invitation won’t serve that need… you can say no.

By taking care of yourself now, hopefully you avoid getting rundown and sick, or falling deeper in the pit of “unmotivated”.

You got this! Continue with this pattern until you’re feeling healthier. Then work out a maintenance-type system. Mine is usually Monday-Thursday 95% with workouts and food. Friday – Sunday I practice the 80/20 rule. Which means that you’re trying to be healthy 80% of the time. But that’s depending on what I’ve got on. Sometimes it more like 50/50. But that’s life! We can plan for these things mostly.

Anyway, that’s enough for today.

Let me know if any of these help you! Comment below.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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