Cook Up a Storm with Your Date in 11 Easy Steps

Are you completely uninspired when it comes to cooking lately? Ever wanted a nice date idea that doesn’t break the bank?

Why not combine these and organise a nice little dinner date and get some kitchen-flirtation going on?

This is a great idea for couples, either dating or long term. And it’s Win-Win, because you get to do something different together while reigniting your chef skills.

couple cooking in the kitchen

How To:

  1. Invite them, plan a date and put it in your diaries. I recommend a day-off or at least a day where you have a few hours to prepare.

  2. Parents, you might need to organise babysitters/sleepovers etc. those of us with room mates or housemates, might need to ask them to make other plans.

  3. Start researching – I’d go straight to Pinterest for this, unless there’s a specific recipe you want to try.

  4. Write a shopping list, check that you have all the cooking utensils and gadgets. And if not, either add them to the list or get creative/find alternatives. Or ask your date if they have one!

  5. Also, you can ask them to bring a beverage. Feel free to google it to see what would go best with your dish.

  6. Remember that you don’t have to do a 3 course meal, often when it’s just the two of you, you end up overeating. Plus, it’s not worth overwhelming yourself, getting flustered and ruining a nice time together!

  7. Buy your stuff and plan your prep.

  8. Do what you can to prepare and then get ready for your hot date, so that when they arrive you are looking even more beautiful.

  9. Put on some music, have some water and hopefully by this time, they’ve arrived.

  10. Enjoy making a meal together. If he or she is inexperienced, give them a chopping board and let them help. It’s important that you’re both in the same area and contributing to the meal.

  11. Enjoy eating the meal and probably best if you also clean up together too.


If you want to make it a little bit Extra, make a bit of a theme night. Whether it’s watching a sports game and having wings and nachos, watching a certain show/movie and coordinating the cuisine with the type of movie i.e The Godfather with Italian, Game of Thrones with Turkey legs and stuffing.

You could even try making your own healthy versions of those things and see how you like it. My husband and I often make our own pizzas, nachos, oven-baked wings with chips, burgers, pasta and garlic bread using spaghetti squash or zoodles. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with it. This is to help you break out of a rut, as well as have a fun time with your partner. And if the meal doesn’t work out, at least you’ve got a good story! You can always order in.

cooking class

The other this you could do is, book a cooking class to do together. You get step-by-step instructions from a professional, a nice kitchen area and get to try new dishes. But no hanky-panky!!

If you’re looking for more ways to get out of a cooking-rut, try Cooking With Kids, Zucchini 5 Ways, 3 Healthy Breakfasts or Meal Prepping for Beginners.

Comment below and let me know how your date night goes!!

Love love,

Lizah xo

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