Epic List of Low Carb Snacks

These are great for people who sit at a desk all day (me!!), or may be watching their carb intake:

- Green apple and cheese

- Red apple and peanut butter

- Veggie sticks and avo, hummus or greek yoghurt-based dip

- Celery or carrot with peanut butter – try to go with a natural peanut butter, without added preservatives or mixing agents.

- Cottage cheese or yoghurt, and berries

- Almonds, walnuts or other nuts – just watch your portion size, because they're high in fat

- Strawberries - full of fibre!

- Cucumber and cheese

chia pudding homemade healthy snack

- Olives – I'm so guilty of eating these while cooking dinner

- Chia pudding - literally just chia seeds, coconut/other milk, tiny bit of maple syrup and cinnamon stirred and set in fridge overnight

- Roasted chick peas

- Edamame – roasted or plain

- Seaweed crackers – like made 100% out of seaweed, you can find them at Costco or the international or Gluten free section of your local (larger) supermarket

- Avo on toast, crackers or rice cake - just load it up with toppings! Let them fill you up, rather than the receptacle, you feel me?

- Yoghurt – Add protein powder or fruit to flavour a natural yoghurt (and check that the sugar content isn’t higher than 12g per 100g (ref Https://daa.asn.au/))

- Smoothie or protein shake

- Long black with a dash of milk

- Cup of Tea

- Homemade protein bars, muffins, protein/bliss balls or biscuits

healthy granola bars homemade snack

- Beef jerky

- Meatballs

- Canned tuna or salmon

- Tuna melt on one piece of toast, skinny bagel/sandwich or rice cake

- Hard boiled eggs

- Egg muffins

- Turkey roll ups – sliced turkey with cucumber and cheese wrapped up in it. Or a very thin egg-only omelette, rolled up with turkey or ham.

popcorn cozy couch healthy snack

- Kale chips

- Air popped popcorn

Some of these are just low in calorie and will keep you satisfied when those extra-hungry days hit. Otherwise known as empty-belly days; where you're just always hungry, for whatever reason.

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Love you guys,

Lizah xo

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