3 F Words for "One of Those Days"

We’ve all been there, rolled out of bed feeling flat, tired, achey, or our mind or heart just feels blah. Maybe it doesn’t even start when you wake up, things start to go awry as soon as you start making breakfast or get to work. It exhausts you and when you come home and someone asks how was your day?, you hear yourself saying it was “one of those days”. You just want to curl up into a ball, be left alone, eat comfort food or drink, and go to sleep.

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I get it. It happens. Life is just like that sometimes. And that’s okay.

But for those days that you wake up and you just know it’s going to be “one of those days”, I have 3 little hacks for you, all starting with F. And no, one of them is not Fuck, although you may say it a couple of times throughout your tough day. And that’s totally fine, release that frustration babe!

So here we have the 3 F’s of getting through the day. Mainly so that it doesn’t eat up your whole day, OR spill into tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

1st F – Food

On these days when your body might be feeling a little stressed, under the weather or sluggish, it’s important to give your body nutrients and nourishment. Look for fruit and vegetables and foods that are easily broken down into energy. In these cases it’s easy to grab something processed and high sugar but that may end up making us feel even slower and weighed down. So let’s minimise that possibility by feeding ourselves well.

2nd F – Friends and Family

You may just need to chat with someone who cares about you. Share your thoughts, your life and maybe just have a vent. It’s helpful to have a sounding board on these days. Also, it’s good to connect with loved ones, hear about how they are and what’s happening for them. Just by getting out of your own head for a while can help shift our thinking.

woman on phone with friends or family reach out

3rd F – Feelings

This is about how you want to feel, and working towards that. Doing things that will help you feel better. Sometimes that means taking some time out for self care. Now you can dig into what is causing “one of those days” if you like, but sometimes that does more harm than good. If you want, do some writing, visit the feeling but don’t unpack and stay. You will never solve all your problems in one go, and you may end up making more. This can cause you to mope and dwell in something that you can’t fix right now. So shift your Focus (another F) and do something positive.

Go get ‘em girl, let’s turn this frown upside down. And if all else fails. Go to bed and tomorrow will be better.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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