Feeling "Snacky"? What To Do

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Today, is one of those days for me. All afternoon I have wanted to eat. Not because I’m hungry, but bored, and lacking direction or focus. It hasn’t been an overly busy or exciting day for me.

My husband is also trying to cut down on overeating this week and he just called asking for a distraction… so I guess I’m not the only one.

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My number one tip for you, is just that, Find a Distraction.

Yes, it’s that simple.

What do you love to do that causes you to lose track of time?

Sometimes it’s something creative. Maybe it's some kind of movement; go for a walk, water the garden, do 10 minutes of yoga or stretching, play with the kids.

Feel free to call a friend, your mum, or catch up on your housework. Do a task you’ve been putting off for ages, that way you’ll feel accomplished.

If you feel like you’re stress-eating, try meditation or breath exercises. Self-care might help as well. Come to think of it, an orgasm might be a great distraction also. I know it’s not commonly mentioned, but it can’t hurt right?

If you really want that mouth-movement, another option is to have a glass of water, cup of tea or coffee. The ritual of making a cuppa and sipping it slowly may be enough to move your mind onto the next thing.

Along the same lines, if you really want to eat and it’s getting close to your next meal, just eat your next meal. It’s not worth snacking on anything if dinner is only an hour away.

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If you can’t eat a meal, and can’t distract yourself for any longer, go for something filling or that you know you won’t eat much of. Examples include: popcorn, a piece of fruit or chopped veggies. These all have a high fibre content. Otherwise, I typically have pretzels and dark chocolate in the house. These work well for me because I don’t like them as much as chips and milk chocolate. So I’ll only eat them if I’m really desperate for crunchy-and-salty, or a chocolate fix. And because I don’t like them as much, I won’t eat as much of it. That’s a major hack I’ve learnt and relied upon the last few years.

So there you go. Distraction is Queen. But feel free to tap into why you’re feeling “snacky”. Maybe it’s something you can address, which will solve the symptom of wanting to stuff your face.

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Love love,

Lizah xo

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