How to find Support People for your Wellness Process

My health discovery started a few times, and only this time has it stuck. I believe that while having support people is a part of getting healthier, it shouldn’t be the main precipice that you cling to; it's just one aspect. At the beginning we’re torn between wanting to get healthy and needing to get healthy. It’s a hard line to cross into that Wanting stage.

Having people around you and having people support you is really two different things.

I want you to think about a couple of things:

  • Who is always there for you, no matter what?

  • Who's constantly positive?

  • Who challenges you in your thinking to work through obstacles or just brainstorm new ideas?

  • Is there people around you that are already living some of the goals that you have for yourself?

These are the kind of people you can:

a) lean on when you're struggling

b) use as accounta-buddies (accountability)

c) be your cheerleaders.

Make a list of these people and when you're ready, have a chat to them about your goals or plans. See what they say. If you feel that they can help you, ask. Things they might be able to help with are going for a walk after work, or checking in with a text every now and then. They could also stop peer pressuring you into having dessert like they normally do. I had to ask my husband to do this, and to stop asking me if I wanted fast food or drinks from town.

I had a client that struggled to fit in exercise while she was on holidays and it really affected her mental health. She felt like she lost all her steam and progress she'd made and had fallen back into old habits, which was a bit scary. We brainstormed ideas for her next holiday such as asking one of her boys to go for a bike ride with her, or shooting some hoops, going for a family excursion to play mini golf instead of seeing a movie. Family is fantastic for accountability, or people you see every day.

I've heard many, many stories about how living a healthier lifestyle inspires those around you. Wouldn’t it feel fantastic for your friend or co-worker to say, "because of you, I started to live a healthier life"? They don’t even have to say it, you can see it in their actions. And you may well become the Goal-person that they aspire to.

Although, I must warn you, you will become the person everyone talks to about healthy recipes, drinking enough water and exercise. Which works benefits you in two ways as it will keep the concept of wellness in the forefront of your mind and it will motivate you to keep going. For them, they feel supported, inspired and ready. You humanise everything they want for themselves in terms of wellness. They believe it's possible.

Let me know how things go in the comments, I'd love to hear all about it.

Love Love,

Lizah xo

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