Fun Workouts You Can Do on Holidays

On the weekend or on holidays you just want to relax right? And eat all the food, have some bevvies and enjoy life. But you want to stay on track with your health goals? Falling off the wagon is usually something you want to avoid because climbing back on after holidays and a 4 month guilt-trip isn’t fun.

I’m all for loosening up on holidays and urge everyone to relax and enjoy all the delicious food. On holidays, I make sure that I stay at least partially active, to combat some of the extra calories and also keep my fitness up. That way it isn’t so hard to jump straight back into routine once I'm back to reality.

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Here’s a list of things you can do on the weekend or on holidays to help:

  1. Play basketball or tennis down on the esplanade

  2. Jump into a pick-up game of soccer, volleyball, frisbee on the beach

  3. Go rollerblading or go on a scenic bike ride

  4. Take a surf, stand up paddleboard, kayaking, ski, self defence or martial arts class or lesson

  5. Rock climbing (indoor or the one with actual rocks outside)

  6. Go dancing

  7. Play croquet, bocce, backyard cricket, baseball or lawn bowls

  8. Walk as much as you can, or go on a hike

  9. Take the kids to the park and play games with them

  10. Golf or mini golf

  11. Take the crew bowling, to a corn maze, paint ball or laser tag

  12. Have sex

  13. Yoga, tai chi or pilates

  14. Go swimming - at the beach, in the pool or move around in between your trips to the swim up bar

  15. If you want an indoor activity, try arcade games, Twister or Wii

There are literally dozens of ideas, depending on where you go, who you’re with etc. Even if you’re just having a weekend at home, you can do your cleaning with the music blaring, garden while chatting on the phone or listening to a podcast. Double-duty exercise is the best because you’re saving time by doing two things on your to-do list at once. Plus, by pairing exercise with something you enjoy like listening to comedy or watching a show, time will fly by and your brain will start to see exercise as a pleasure, rather than a pain.

If it’s too late and you’ve recently had a blowout, this blog post might help.

Comment below, where’s your next holiday to? How will you stay active during your time off?

If you’d love some support on your path to better health and a better you, give me a bell

Love love,

Lizah xo

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