Get Fit in One Easy Step


The one easy step is: Just Start.

Now I wouldn’t have a blog post is I just left it at that, would I?

old guy shaking his head, nope.

Psychology Today says “It requires us to make a mental leap that can sometimes be challenging: forcing ourselves to disconnect from what we are doing right now (which might be enjoyable) and do something that, at least initially, may not be enjoyable.“

And that’s so true. Forming a new habit often feels like such a big shift. But what if we start with a clear mindset and baby steps?

Firstly, get your head straight. Treat any new change as an experiment. After all, our life is one big experiment, we have no idea what we’re doing sometimes and often it doesn’t work out as expected. So, let’s shed the pressure and the expectation that everything will be perfect. That’s naïve, if I’m honest.

So first, ask yourself, what do you WANT to do to get fit? What forms of movement do you enjoy doing?

Then, make a little list. Do some research to see what services are nearby that offer such things. OR just start easy, at-home, with nobody watching, on your own schedule workouts. There are literally thousands and thousands of online videos and programs and exercise info graphics (go to Pinterest for these).

If you don’t feel like you can do very much, just start where you’re comfortable and try your best. If that’s only 2 minutes, that’s better than none right? And I promise you, if you keep at it, you will improve. And you’ll notice changes in your mental state, sleep, relationships, physically and often with your nutrition too.

Once you’ve done some research. And I mean SOME…. Not 4 months of research. I mean like 2 hours of research. Pull out your diary and plan your next week out. Insert the steps it will take for you to complete 1 movement session. Sometimes that means buying a pair of runners, visiting a yoga studio (or a few) to see if it’s right for you, getting a gym membership, asking a friend if you can join them on their walk… think it through and map it out. Make your week work around all your other commitments and THIS new commitment to yourself.

You could even write something like “I am committed to myself”. Or “I am committed to getting fit/toned/lose weight/healthy {insert your own words here}”. I want you to know that this will be easy, if you start small and get your mindset working for you.

The secret to lasting change is to build up. Start with a manageable task and complete it, then the next and the next.

woman reflecting and feeling positive

Dare to dream.

It’s good to have a long term, sky high goal to reach for but we can’t get too fixated because those goals can change. We can change, situations can change. We need to remain a little bit flexible in our methods because life is fluid, constantly changing. And if it’s not, let’s at least control this one tiny change, just for you. You deserve that. And because we shouldn’t get too fixated, we need to break our goal down into short term goals. Even as short as the next 5 minutes.

So, what’s your big goal? Make this positive, imagine the people around you, the way you feel, what you see and hear. Imagine all the wonderful possibilities. It must be positive. Not something like “I don’t want to get heart disease and suffer like my grandfather”. That can be in the background but negative goals are not as powerful as positive ones to inspire action and therefore, increase your chances of success.

What’s your 3 month goal?

And what’s your goal for this week?

It’s really that easy to plan. Now you just need to hold yourself accountable and complete those actions to complete 1 movement session this week.

I will back this up by saying, LIFE HAPPENS. If it doesn’t go as planned, what’s your back up plan? A walk? Play at the playground with the kids, a dance session in your living room? Just get something done.

It’s said that by changing your physical state, it has amazing benefits for your mental state. Just getting the blood flowing is great for mood, productivity, and brain power.

So babes, like I said, the one easy step, is JUST DO IT. I’m sorry for yelling. I just mean, don’t overthink it and don’t put it off. I am the queen of overthinking and over researching and over analysing. I know that feeling.

queen touching her crown

For those two years where I hated working out, my golden rule was (and still is some days): Just do 20 minutes. If you don’t feel like it, just do 20 minutes. If you’re not feeling it after 20 minutes, you can stop. Chances are good you’ll have another 10 minutes in you.

However, if you are literally just starting out, insert your own number of minutes. Like I said above, it might only be 2. And that’s fine. It takes a little bit of time to get our bodies into it.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare to anyone else. This is your journey. Get clear on your goals and stick to what you enjoy. I promise you’ll see the benefits.

Love love,

Lizah xox

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