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Coaching is designed to let you be the boss, right? Well, Strive Blog is my chance to give you information, inspiration, and motivation between sessions or in hopes that you’ll contact me for coaching one day. I see it as an opportunity for Strive Wellness to provide additional content to all of you, for no extra cost.

It may also be for slightly selfish purposes. Believe it or not, I have enjoyed writing for you. I was never great at English at school but I have always found writing to be fairly therapeutic. Especially when you can write it out with a pen and paper, although that seems to be a dying habit even in schools these days. Anyway, this head of mine is filled with lots of great stuff I can share with you and this is my outlet for that. I would absolutely love to create a loving tribe of like-minded women, trying to better themselves every day. We can share the ups and downs, highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, struggles and strategies with each other. Empowering others and in the process, empowering ourselves. By sharing and helping each other, we gently prove to ourselves that we are capable, we know something and we’ve been through hard times and come out the other f***ing side. Damn Girl, You're Strong!

With that Community Spirit in mind, my Facebook Page is slowly growing and if you want to follow me, I will leave all my profile links at the bottom of this blog. I will often start conversations, post motivating and thought-provoking content and generally be open to all of you to watch and connect with.Strive Wellness Coaching will have a Facebook group for my clients (past and present) to connect, share and grow. I will post motivating stuff in there and keep the team lifted. It will be quite helpful, especially for the women that have finished a program with me to maintain awareness on their health and wellness journey.

I also love, love, love to read all your comments to my blog posts so I’ll usually ask you a question at the end of each one. Please leave a quick reply when you can and I will respond to you. Or feel free to ask a question of me (or all of us) and we will get a conversation going.

Strive Instagram is probably my favourite platform (am I allowed to say that?) and I post there regularly. I post beautiful pictures and quotes and day-to-day happenings, as well as food. I love reading your comments on there as well. I post different stuff on each platform so you won’t see the same thing 3 times in one day, I swear.

We often feel so isolated in our daily lives, even if we are surrounded by people, we often don’t feel valued, heard, or appreciated. Sometimes, we feel powerless, unable to control anything around us and that feels gut wrenching. Motivation goes down the drain and those thoughts of “what’s the point of even trying?” creep in. I get you. I’ve been there, many times. That is why I want this blog and what I do, to create a support system, to hold your hand when you feel alone, to show you that there’s a way and more than anything, that there’s HOPE. I know the feeling of complete misery, feeling flat or stuck, frustrated and fearful. There’s more to life than these emotions and I can help you move through those feelings and grow from them. I’m not an expert in mental health but I am here for you and the rest of us are too.

Anyway, back on track. My plan for this blog is to provide content that you love, find useful and motivating, inspiring you to take action for your own wellness. I will be talking about many aspects such as sleep, nutrition, mental health, life observations, water, alcohol, what to do at certain events/situations when it comes to food etc., my thoughts on certain aspects or methods of weight loss, recipes, relationships. And I would also love to know what you would like to read about? Please comment below your ideas. This will really help me to create useful content that you will love. In my current situation, I’m just a girl (woman), with a husband (who works away) and no children, working a 9-5 job while working on my side hustle/passion (the rest of the time) in a country town in Queensland, Australia. My ideas might be different to yours, and you are my people so I want to give you the best I’ve got. I have loved your feedback so far, so clever and many things that I’ve never thought of, so I’m always open to your thoughts.

I am accepting new coaching clients currently so you can call me on +61-427-213-132 or send me a message here, or email me at I would love to organise a 15-minute chat with you, to answer any questions or tell you more about what I do.

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What do you think about Twitter, Snapchat, InstaStories, YouTube…. Do you use them? Or would you use them if I’m on there? Any others that I missed?

Love Love,

Lizah xox

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