The Ultimate List of Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

Updated: May 14, 2019

I have been packing my own work and school lunches forever! Whilst doing different diets, eating plans, in different jobs, routines and locations. I have tried it all!

Here’s my healthy list:


  • Overnight oats – mix quick oats, yoghurt, milk and sweetener and place in fridge. In the morning, grab and go! Add fruit if you like.

  • Actual porridge – prep dry oats, sweetener/spices etc in a container and once you get to work, put in some hot water and stir!

  • Cereal

  • Scrambled eggs – put raw egg/s into a container with seasoning, beat, and once you get to work, pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds, twice.

  • Baked muffins – egg and bacon, savoury or sweet

  • Bliss balls/protein balls

  • Prepped breakfast bake – potatoes, veggies, eggs

  • Smoothies – blend at work or on your way out the door and drink on your way.

  • Granola and yoghurt

  • Fruit and yoghurt

  • Toast, bagels, english muffins – if your place has a toaster


  • Literally any of the above breakfast things, we don’t have to stick to “societal ideals” of what to eat and when. Listen to your body.

  • Sandwiches/wraps/bread rolls/pitas/buns

  • A platter of whatever you have left in your fridge, chopped veggies, cheese, meat, fruit, whatever – I call this “Friday lunch” 😉

  • Ryvita/cruskits/crackers with tuna or other topping – best made fresh though, so that crackers don’t go soggy

  • Prepped meals – see my Meal Prepping blog post for these ideas – there’s also a million if you google "healthy meal prep recipes".

  • Salads with meat, beans or eggs. I leave a bottle of salad dressing at work for these.

  • Leftovers… obvsiously

  • Beans on toast

  • Toasties/grilled cheese

  • Canned soup (check the sodium levels and pick the lowest, also try to get the highest protein content)

  • Frozen packets of vegetables (sometimes they come with quinoa or other grains too, they’re good), add a can of tuna/other for protein


  • Again you can eat any of the above, whenever suits you. When I was doing my workout straight after work, I would have a bigger afternoon snack (it looked like a lunch) to give me energy.

  • See the blog post on low carb snacks if you're interested.

  • boiled eggs

  • celery/carrot/apple/banana with peanut or nut butter

  • any dipping veg with hummus, or a greek yoghurt-based savoury dip

  • chia pudding

  • cheese, yoghurt (any dairy product or dairy alternative)

  • nuts (especially walnuts and almonds)

  • unprocessed (or as much as possible, not ham that's perfectly square or round) meat - feel free to put this on crackers or a small whole-grain wrap

  • homemade muffins, bars, cookies, bliss balls etc.

  • jerky

  • protein shake or smoothie

  • tuna or cheese on crackers

  • Bean/tuna/egg salad on crackers or a wrap

  • Popcorn -preferably homemade

Girl, if Linda from HR brings cake for your team, and you want some, Enjoy it! Savour it and leave once you’re done with that piece, so you're not tempted by another.

Fail proof tips from a girl who is always hungry:

  • Always have snacks in your bag – muesli/granola bars, cans of tuna, coffee sachets.

  • Always have snacks in your desk or locker – more of the above plus tea, nuts, a small chocolate bar, your own mug and water bottle, peanut butter, salad toppings such as seeds or croutons, crackers to go with your tuna, one friend had sriracha sauce (she liked it SPICY), protein powder and shaker (if you so desire) and other non-perishable additives for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

  • And last but not least, always have a water bottle.

Hope you loved this. Comment below if you have more ideas!!

Contact me if you’d like your own nutrition coach. I promise you you’ll feel satisfied, happy and you’ll even lose weight (if that’s what you’re after).

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