How to Brand Yourself for Professional and Personal Growth

Branding is not always about the physical design of a logo or marketing material. It’s so much more than that. Anyone can rebrand from solopreneurs to large corporations, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also brand yourself. Branding is about what you want to put out into the world, what kind of energy you want to put out there. How you want to make people feel. What kind of worker you’d like to be. I have just been reassessing my business branding and brand personality, and realising that I am an extension of my business brand. There are so many things to think about, let’s have a go at exploring this.

Who are you? Can you answer it without telling me your name, your job, your marital status, who you’re related to?

Let me have a go:

I am a girl who’s struggled with her weight for years but through perseverance and persistence, I have lost over 35kgs. I’m quite proud of that. 90’s dance music pumps me up. I enjoy going to the gym, losing myself in a good book or TV show and being creative. I am emotional. But am also a good problem solver. I’m curious and open minded from living overseas for 5 years. As an employee, I’m meticulous and organised. I enjoy having coffee and getting to know my colleagues. I am a list maker, a goal getter and have high expectations of myself.

Grab some paper (or type it) and have a go at writing yours…….

I’ll wait.

girl waiting patiently

How can we package that up for our customers? Our customers may be our boss, our team, actual customers/clients or other teams, or all of the above. In our personal lives we may want to make ourselves available for our spouses, parents, siblings, friends; and nurture those relationships.

How do you want to be around those sets of customers? Write one for your personal life and one for your professional life.

For your personal life, think about:

  • how you want to feel

  • what makes you happy

  • what gives you energy

  • what kind of friend/spouse/family member/lover you’d like to be

  • what you like to do in your spare time

In your professional life, think about what your resume says; LinkedIn may also offer some great content to help with this one.

If you want to rejig it all, think about:

  • where you’d like to go with your career

  • what kind of employee or person you’d like to be

  • what will they need from you

  • how would you like them to see you

  • what can they expect from you

  • what aspects of work do you like

  • are you sociable or heads down/bums up?

  • what kind of words would you like to describe your demeanour and quality of work?

Now how can you implement these statements you’ve just written? What kind of actionable changes can you make to come more in-line with those qualities or behaviours? Does it mean coming out of your shell a little bit at meetings? Does it mean calling your grandma once a week?

Put these actions down underneath your statements.

I will point out that there’s nothing wrong with who you are now, we all have aspects that we’d like to do better or be better at in our home and work life. This is just your opportunity to explore these. Whether you make the changes or not is up to you.

Back to it, how else can you commit to this rebranding of yourself?

You could always update your resume and Linked In.

If you really want to put your personal one out there, try updating your Facebook or Instagram bio.

young career woman writing on whiteboard

You may also wish to make a vision board or some kind of visual reminder for yourself to practice these things. If it was me, I’d write down my professional qualities and actions on a small (A5?) piece of paper and take that to work with me, put it in my work diary or on my notice board. Nobody needs to see it if you don’t want. If you’re really into it, feel free to talk to your supervisor about your goals and see what they have to say. They may be able to support you further.

I’d love to know what your goals are and also how your personal and work life changed once you implemented these. In 3 months time, or if your situation changes, or when you feel like you’ve grown and can do better, you’re 100% allowed to reassess and create new statements and actions.

I love this so much, I’m going to create a work sheet… stay tuned!

Love love,


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