How to get into a good sleep routine

Having worked with shift workers and understanding the problems they face when it comes to sleep and schedule, I’ve developed this list so that anyone can use it (not just the 9-5ers).

Here's why we need enough sleep:

  • help our brains function to retain information and perform better

  • rest our weary muscles, joints and bones, as well as repair tissue

  • to grow muscle

  • synthesize hormones

Here are some options that might work for you:

1) Setting an unrealistic task list keeps you from winding down at a reasonable time. Understanding that things get in the way, unexpected school projects, partner coming home late from work may throw off your routine entirely. Setting yourself only 3 tasks for the day and trying to get them done early, may eliminate the crazy rush and feelings of disappointment and regret at the end of the day. Planning is key to forgetting less things that then have to be completed at the last minute.

2) Do you have a set routine before bed? Cup of tea in front of the telly, brush your teeth, moisturiser on and read for 5 minutes in bed? What do you do? It’s a good idea to create one for yourself. Some kind of ritual that tells your body you’re going to sleep soon. Think warm, like a bath, cup of tea. And quiet time like reading or meditating, is what the experts recommend (The Sleep Association). I also like the idea of writing down your thoughts or tomorrow’s plan or to-do list before settling in for your wind down period.

3) Your environment – how does this aid your sleep routine? Do you look forward to climbing into bed? What can you do to make it better? Think about your attire, are you a naked, underwear or pj’s sleeper? How do you like your bedding, the room temperature, the level of darkness? You may find this website helpful:

What time would you like to be asleep ideally? What hinders this?

Do you have any other sleep struggles? Let me know in the comments below and I can see if I can help. Or email me at and I'll give you a free (no-obligation-to-buy) 15 minute session to help you explore this topic.


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