Maintaining Your Healthy Habits During a Personal Crisis

So you’ve worked your butt off creating healthier habits for a good while now. You’ve finally gotten the hang of it and you’re making baby steps towards a healthier life.

Then something happens and it feels like your world is crumbling.

All of a sudden you’re travelling or dealing with something that has thrown your whole life out of whack. And while you know it might only be for a short time, right now it feels massive.

First of all, know that you won’t be able to maintain every healthy habit during times of crisis.

It feels like you have absolutely no control over anything. Ask yourself this, what can you control? And what can you do to help yourself through this time?

Here’s the background to this blog: I had been working at losing weight for about 4.5 years and throughout that time I had moved across the world, changed jobs and schedules and it felt like everything had just started to settle again. Then, very suddenly, my mother-in-law in Canada passed away from a heart attack. My husband and I jumped in the car for 6 hours and then on the next possible flight out of Australia. Firstly I was pretty distraught, I was shocked, and I had no idea what to expect on the other end. All I knew was that I was going to Canada at the end of October to stay in my late mother-in-law’s house with who knows who else, for 2 weeks.

I consciously let everything... AND all expectations go. I had no idea what to expect. I checked in with what I knew. I knew what was available for food, gym, transportation... not a lot was available, if I’m honest. And then would I even be able to control what we did there? I didn’t know.

I asked myself, what habits I had I developed that I wanted to stick to? Also having some idea of what kind of happened there and in these situations. I wanted to stick to limited alcohol, knowing that I might want to have a drink in times like these. I also wanted to keep soft drink/pop/soda out of my diet. And try to eat balanced meals. By balanced I mean, get some fresh fruit and veggies and also protein. And try to move my body. I had no idea what the weather would be like.

That was the only conscious choices I felt I could make in these uncertain times. And I felt that they were realistic.

Here’s what I did:

I threw a resistance band into my suitcase and one set of workout clothes. I did a 30 minute home workout 4 out of the first 6 days. On the 7th day I woke up with a wicked sore throat but went and did a pump class with a friend and it was amazing. It turns out I probably shouldn’t have done that because I then caught bronchitis due to the temperature dropping to -20C (when I had come from +20C).

The day after we arrived we did a Costco run and I got broccoli and salad ingredients. The seriously caring neighbours brought us dinner every night for the first 5 days... and let me tell you, it was hearty and wholesome and homecooked.... and not very good for me. But I did my best to stick to mainly protein and veggies and limit my desserts.

Only the 2 weeks I had soft drink once. I had alcohol 3 times. I drank at least 2 litres of water every single day.

So the second week I was feeling very sick and sorry for myself, and we also did A LOT of travelling all over the countryside in very cold conditions. And I did not exercise. I didn’t have access as we were travelling most of the day. And I was sick. #listentoyourbody

I do not condone anything other than resting when you’re sick. But in this case, it was either go with them and do this thing with my family, or sit at her house, alone.

I did dose up on all the things that I could. I slept and stayed warm. I did my best. I also didn’t think that I was as sick as I was, and I was trying not to make it all about me when everyone else was dealing with the death of their mother. I do not condone “toughing it out”. I also knew that while I did have a GP in Canada, getting in to see her on such short notice would be pretty hard. And I thought she would tell me it was a cold and to do what I’d been doing anyway. I just wanted to go home.

While I wasn’t feeling well I made sure to eat fresh and healthy food as much as possible. I made honey and lemon drinks and just did what I could to help my body.

So, here’s my advice to you. Something terrible happens. You deal with the initial actions and when you have a moment to breathe, ask yourself those questions:

  1. What can you control?

  2. And what can you do to help yourself through this time?

  3. What habits I had I developed that I wanted to stick to?


  • Make a small and realistic list.

  • Buy the things you need or make a plan of how to do this.

  • And just do your best. We need to understand that Shit Happens. You will pull through, you will be okay.

I came back thicker but fine. See >>>>

I know it was from travelling, being sick, not doing my normal workouts and eating differently. But I knew how to get back to basics and reinstate those habits I had formed. And the thing is, I WANTED to get back to normal. There's something about routine that soothes my soul. Is it like that for you?

You know how we have muscle memory? We also have habit memory. Just do what you know.

Has your world fallen apart recently? Comment below if this has helped in any way.

Feel free to contact me for a chat.

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