4 Tips to Make Your Self-Care Routine Less Stressful

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

In the age of “Self Care”, I feel like it sometimes just adds to the to-do list. Life is busy, hectic and there are times where we just have too much to do. There are too many other tasks that need doing. Mums, Entrepreneurs, Students who work, women who work and have hobbies and commitments to keep…. you all know what I mean. Taking time to slow down and “treat yo'self!” just doesn’t always seem like it will help your expanding list of tasks.

Not gonna lie, often it DOES help. Especially if this means managing the self-care basics of getting a good nights rest, eating a nutritious meal at a regular meal time, showering and washing your hair. These things make a vast improvement on your general state of being. But when you’re struggling to make time all the "typical" Self Care moments like meditation, binge-watching Queer Eye season 3 or GoT before the new season comes out, foam rolling, or taking a bath with a face mask and candles, Self Care becomes a task.

And adding more to our plates is generally stressing us out. Which is the complete opposite of what Self-Care is all about!

Here’s 4 tips to make it a little more stress-free, and it’s all about reclaiming your time:

1) There’s a new wave called “Skip-Care”, which is a term phrased by clever cosmetics and skin care companies that help you to minimise or lessen the steps in your skincare routine. I assume it’s so they can sell you their special purpose face oil-serum but if it works, it will save women time every single day.

2) Saying No – This is one Self-care item I can stand behind. Saying No to things that don’t feed your soul, gifts you back some time. And it’s also a little empowering. Saving the anxiety, dread, pulling out at the last minute and feeling guilty about it. Saying no can be difficult, and it just takes a little practice. “No, I won’t be able to make it” Is a complete sentence. If they have a follow up question, say it’s not really your thing, or you that do have another commitment. They don’t need to know that it’s to yourself. Just make sure they say the date and time before you go ahead and say you’ve got something else on.

3) Social Media is the biggest time suck of all. All we do is sit and scroll, occasionally having a quick read or watching a video, rarely commenting or liking. I think you’d be surprised how much time you spend on Insta and Facebook a day. Studies show that we spend on average 135 minutes a day on social media. That’s a whole movie, lunch with a friend, or getting 2 hours of work done. I do not recommend going cold turkey, because many of us use social media for our businesses… also, that would be very uncomfortable. It’s actually helpful to download an app like Off-Time, which can keep you aware of how much time your spend on there a day with 10 minute reminders or daily reports. Awareness is key, and that’s a good place to start.

4) Food plans and diets. How many of you have tried a new meal plan that takes A LOT of time to plan and prep? I know I have (Shred Diet, I’m lookin at you). For some of you, having a very specific meal plan is great for your mental game but if it’s taking up too much time, that’s a little frustrating. Figure out a way to make it interesting, but effortless and easy. This could mean choosing a different meal plan or figuring out a set 4-7 days of meals that fit and repeating them until you’re bored. This cuts down on food wastage, overspending and keeps you on track with your nutrition goals.

I hope these ideas help you in your own version of a self-care routine. I’d love to hear how you reclaim your time! Feel free to reach out to me here, comment below, or hop on social media (yep, I know, seems like I’m eating my words) and DM me there.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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