My Weight Loss Story: Moving back to Australia

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In September 2016, my husband and I moved from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada back to my home of Queensland Australia. It was long awaited, but I felt so conflicted. I had grown to love many aspects of my life in Canada. I had a great job that I was good at, great colleagues who I call my friends, and it paid me well. I had grown to love my in-laws and finally felt like part of the family. And I had established a gym and nutrition routine that worked. This was the place where I made THE most progress ever, in my weight loss and my personal growth. So it was purely the definition of “bittersweet”.

And now I was heading into the partially unknown. The part that I did know, was what my life was like when I lived here before. Plagued by a cycle of fad diets, laziness, binge eating, guilt, depression and onto another fad diet. I realised it would be easy for me to fall back into old habits. Plus being completely out of routine again would wreak havoc on my weight loss progress. I was anxious. For many reasons, having to find a new job, house, move all our stuff, find a gym, would we make enough money, would everything still feel the same with my family and friends or would our relationship feel different?

We were also making a stopover in Oahu, Hawaii for 5 days before heading on down to Brisbane, Australia. We really needed a holiday after all the stress of packing up and just a super busy year. Plus, we thought it would be good for us as a couple to regroup and process everything before embarking on another adventure.


The funny thing about moving is you’re surrounded by people saying goodbye. There’s dinners and drinks and lunches, it's heartwarming and sad at the same time. And then you touch down in your new/old place and everyone wants to catch up and have dinners and drinks. It does feel like you’re constantly surrounded by people, food and emotional energies. Those 3 factors together cause me to eat and drink mindlessly and that made me nervous.

Leading up to the move, I was so busy that I barely had time to drink or eat mindlessly. I had my healthy snacks, stayed as healthy as I could with meals and drank my water. That was now feeling natural to me, which helped. Experience taught me that eating or drinking badly before a flight means that I have MAJOR bloating and gas pains, so that was good incentive for me to eat decently.

In Hawaii, there’s plenty of healthy, fresh options around. We did indulge in some bangin' burgers, shave ice and pineapple sorbet though. We spent a lot of time walking, swimming and exploring.

By the time we reached Brisbane, I remember feeling a bit pudgy. But I enjoyed catching up with family for 2 weeks while we sorted out a car and got ourselves organised. We moved back to Roma, where we left from in 2011, because that’s where my hubby’s job awaited us. I joined the local PCYC and got back into workouts. I had lost some fitness and muscle, but it didn’t take long to come back.

I did a bit of a detox because I just felt “blah”. My digestive system needed a couple of days to reset. And if I’m honest, it didn’t take long to get into a routine again. I was busy getting the house organised and everything unpacked. And the warmer temps did help me to eat lighter again.

So that’s my move back home. If you wanted to read about my move TO Canada, see this post.

Have you ever experienced any type of upheaval in your life? Comment below.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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