The Purpose of Strive Blog

Alright guys and girls, I have big plans for Strive Blog and I'd love to be transparent with you.


This is a big one for selfish purposes. By documenting these plans to all of you, I'm really going to be held accountable to that. And I ask that if you’re ever unsure of my plan or direction for Strive, let me know and that will keep me on track with my message. Strive Blog is where I can show you what I’m made of, and you can decide for yourself if I’m someone who can help you.


I would love to use Strive Blog as a way to introduce myself and all of you, to new people and products. Personally, I love meeting and working with like-minded businesses and individuals. I’m open to new offerings and new ideas 100%. So this is one avenue that Strive Blog can work towards that networking and collaboration aspect of building a business. If you have a product or idea you’d like to share with me, please email me at Alternatively, if there’s a match you’d like to see between Strive and another small business, please comment below and I’ll see if I can make contact.


This is hugely important to me. We all feel alone sometimes.

women group friends support

And often the instinct is to lock ourselves away and drown ourselves in Netflix binges. I want to develop enough strength, support and positivity as we can for each other. Strive Blog is just one way to support that notion that Strive Wellness is all about. Other places include Strive Wellness Facebook page, the Strive Wellness Facebook Group you can join once you opt in to one of my programs, Strive_Wellness Instagram. That’s the list so far, but I will be adding more soon.

Change the world

I hope to shed light on my services so that I can make my positive contribution to the world and help as many women as I can. By shifting your body image to a less negative one and practicing self-care, you will be more confident and capable. You're worthy of love and support for being who you truly are. I currently run one-on-one coaching for 3 or 6 months at a time. As much as I would love to coach every one of you one-on-one, I know that financially that’s not easy for everyone. I am currently developing other levels of service.

One which will be a program that you work through yourself, at your own pace and for a reasonable price. I will definitely keep you posted on the details and complete a proper launch for that program. I also plan to do group coaching, however that would mainly be for local women at this stage. As technology (and I) advance, it will become clearer to me if there’s a need (or a want) for online group programs. The price point for these would be somewhere in between the at-your-own-pace program and the one-on-one coaching.

Please comment below if any of these would be of interest to you.

Love Love,

Lizah xo


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