How to Stay Fit this Festive Season

When you’re travelling or visiting relatives, it’s hard to fit in a workout. On top of that you have no motivation to get hot and sweaty and push yourself. This season seems to be very much about indulgence and pleasure, over anything else.

But you and I both know how good you’ll feel if you fit in some activity in between all the food and drinks you’re likely consuming. And for those of us in the heat of summer, it’s definitely easier to get outside and do stuff to stay active.

Here’s a few tips for anyone who doesn’t want to lose too much fitness over the holidays:

  • Always pack a set of workout clothes and shoes when travelling

  • Resistance bands too – they take up zero room

  • Think about your upcoming days and brainstorm when you might be able to squeeze in a quick session.

  • Or when you can carve out time for movement right where you are

  • Offer to walk to dog, go get coffee or the newspaper, shovel the driveway (I know, gross)

  • Take the kids out – ice skating, play in the snow, play soccer/Frisbee etc. You’ll be the best Aunty around and their parents might be grateful too.

  • Challenge your siblings to a tabata workout or get out the boxing gloves

  • For fun indoor activities, play wii, a game of twister, or if you’re heading out you could go bowling, indoor rock climbing, putt putt… the world is your oyster

  • Youtube has some excellent home workout videos – search for what you want i.e. dancing, yoga for bloating, abs, 15 minute workout. Or try the Popsugar or Fitness Blender channels.

Lastly, please remember that this is not a time to torture yourself because you ate too much. Sure, it feels good to get moving and stretch out, but keep perspective. Christmas lasts a few days, not a month. New years might spread to two days, but that’s it. It’s not a life sentence. Have a plan for getting back into routine and you’ll do just fine. The guilt is not worth it. And you are worth more than the sum of your dress size. So choose to eat and drink the things you truly enjoy and actually savour them. Instead of mindlessly chomping down that boring bread bowl.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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