Why We Need to Stop Using the Word "Sneaky"

The word SNEAKY is defined as "furtive, sly" or "(of a feeling) persistent but reluctantly held; sneaking."

Sneaky implies that it’s wrong, shameful, should be hidden away from prying eyes. You should be embarrassed, horrified even.

woman sneaking around hiding - weight loss

How often are we seeing the caption “just having a sneaky________”. Whether it be wine, donuts, a nap, beverage, dessert, whatever… I don’t care. The more we try and justify ourselves, the more guilt we feel. I had to stop myself from commenting on a friends’ post about coming over for a girls night and having some sneaky wine and chocolate. That was today. Society has made me feel like a sham for even suggesting junk food, like I need to smooth things over with a “sneaky” added in. Just so nobody will judge me.

For god’s sake, I’m a wellness coach, I need to eat perfectly ALL the time and have a perfectly healthy-looking body to match. My outlook on life should be all sunshine and kale too. As if, I’m a real person, just like you.

Personal Trainers, you get what I’m talking about. There’s something about “looking the part” which is an added pressure you face. I mean, that’s a generalisation and I apologise for that. But I have heard PT’s talk that way. They feel like a fraud, like nobody will do what they say, with all the physical evidence in front of them. Let’s just remember that a person is not their job; they’re a person, who performs a job.

So that was a slightly off-topic example of societal pressures we face every day.

On the other hand, does the Rebel in us like to do the opposite of what our intentions are? I know for myself I struggle to follow a recipe... that is my one task in life that the rebel in me wants to reign. Maybe ask yourself next time you're faced with one of these decisions if it's the rebel talking?

conflicted woman unsure of herself wellness coach


In our world of YOLO and Treat Yo'self and FOMO, we don't like to turn down temptations or bail on a girls night, or be Sober Bob for that matter. These sayings give us an excuse to throw caution to the wind. Then the next day or even 10 minutes later, we feel that gross blanket of regret and guilt. We try to counteract by limiting calories or bingeing on exercise (or otherwise). We feel like we've cheated our goals and ourselves. There's honestly a constant battle and conflict in our minds.

On another note, the word "Cheeky" is used in the same way. Just having a cheeky Vino!

We need to stop.

We need to consciously make a decision, OWN IT and fucking enjoy whatever it is. Savour every moment, every bite, every sip.

If you're feeling out of control, like you don't have any boundaries or at least struggle to stick to them, send me a message. Start a conversation on our Facebook Group if you like. We'd love to have you.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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