The 6 Stages of Change

Making changes in our life are often harder than we expect they should be. How many of you have thought that you need to make a change but you just can't do it? No matter how frustrated we get with ourselves for this seemingly easy task.

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Recognising an issue, thinking about changing your behaviour and actually doing it, are stages within the Change Process. I think of it like a switch going off in our head. You can’t force it. And that means nobody else can either. But we can help along the process in a two-pronged approach.

Number one, by digging into those limiting beliefs. And number two, finding your Why - it really helps to focus your motivation to change.

Here's the Cycle of Change:

Cycle of Change as a flowchart

Pre-Contemplation is the furthest from change. “No way, I won’t”

Contemplation is the Awareness of the issue, but no commitment. “I may”

Preparation is Intent to change. “I will”

Action is Active Modification of behaviour. “I am”

Maintenance is Sustained Change. “I still am”

Relapse is converting to old patterns. “I can’t, I won’t”

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The Cycle of Change can be applied to most situations where change needs to be made like cleaning out the garage or quitting smoking.

It can also be on a small scale for an individual goal i.e. lowering your sugar intake, going to bed by 10pm. Or for the bigger picture i.e. I need to lose weight.

I found this model to be a really interesting way of figuring out your current position.

We’ve all known people, or even ourselves, who have been at these stages. They might stay for years and never leave. Or constantly cycle through all of them.

I will point out that each time we relapse, we learn something new about ourselves. It also might be hard to pick yourself back up again after that stumble.

Currently I am at Maintenance. However, I do tend to relapse on small habits every now and then. These tend to happen at certain times of the year, in certain places, around certain people or during stressful/unsettled times. When we moved house, I felt myself slipping back into not drinking enough water and eating too many carbs. I felt sick to be honest. My energy started to dip, my tummy was sluggish. I really became aware of these differences in my body. But I’ve learnt that jumping back on that horse is the best and easiest way to go. I try to skip over the Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation and Preparation stage and jump straight into Action. At this point in my process, it’s my only option. Don't Think, Just Do.

I hope this has helped some of you figure out where you are at. Please let me know if I can help you into the next stage by requesting a free consultation here.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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