Tops tips for Stress Management

Stressful situations are kind of unavoidable in life. But how we feel when we encounter them and how our bodies react can be very much down to the individual.

Here’s how to manage stress before it handles you:

1. Make sure you’re getting enough rest. Rest is so important and can greatly affect our memory, brain function, physical capabilities and also our emotional state. Rest is sleep, and also taking rest days and down time each day to relax our bodies.

2. Fuel your body with nutritious food as much as you can. Now I know most people don’t have their meals planned out for the week like me, many of you don’t even think about it until you’re ravenous. When we’re getting all the nutrients we need, our bodies are more ready to tackle tough situations. Our immune systems are stronger too.

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3. Release the pressure on yourself. This could be external pressure, what is it? Or is it pressure you put on yourself? Or both? Find the areas of your life causing you stress and figure out a way to minimise this. We constantly feel the pressure to be “On”. We check our work emails when we’re on holidays, answer calls on weekends, think about Monday’s meeting. I realise this is a culture thing and you might feel like you can’t set boundaries around work hours, because you might get fired. Let me just say, is it really worth it? There’s no harm in having a conversation with your HR Manager or your Supervisor. As for the pressure you're putting on yourself, what’s it for? Altering that mindset might just help you be more productive, and by showing a little kindness to yourself, you might actually Want to do the things on your list.

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4. Take a deep breath. Stop for a moment. Sort out your thoughts and determine the best plan of action. Being a source of calm in a crazy time is extremely beneficial for you, the situation and those around you. Adding to the chaos doesn’t help anyone. You’re a clever person, with such common sense that you can figure this out. Don’t let the situation take hold. Getting grounded and reminding yourself that it will work itself out. One of my favourite quotes is, “Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” by John Lennon.

If it’s job stability that’s a problem, just do your best. And keep up your networking. That way if your role does end, you’ll know you did your best. And you’ll have developed some contacts to call on.

Remember that it’s okay to have feelings. Depending on the situation, you can share these or try to take time for yourself and feel them there. Definitely don’t let them bottle up for too long otherwise you will flip over the tiniest thing. If you need to write or go workout, do it. Sometimes any kind of release is better than none.

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I totally understand that sometimes shit happens. And sometimes it doesn’t get resolved right away, it can be weeks or months of awfulness. Just be kind to yourself. Put projects on hold, sort out your priorities and you’ll be okay. Don’t try to do it all. We all need a little support sometimes. And showing ourselves some kindness is the best place to start. Take care of your body by eating as well as possible, sleep and remember to breathe. Try to let go of judgement, of others and yourself. Do the things that bring you peace. And happiness. You deserve it.

Do you feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out lately?

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