My Weight Loss Story: Injuries and Illness

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

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Throughout my life I have been pretty lucky. I haven’t had many major accidents or incidents where I was injured badly. Now this may be because I was not a risky kid or because I didn’t participate in many activities where I could be hurt. I did swimming training, which isn’t dangerous if you know how to dive.

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My main downfalls are slightly weak ankles, and high muscle tone. Which basically means I usually have too much tension in my muscles at rest. This means I'm almost always feeling tense, or get sore more easily. I’m constantly putting heat packs on my neck and shoulders in times of stress. And when I’m cold, my back tightens up and aches. But it’s not the end of the world, I have a few techniques that help.


During my weight loss process, in 2014, I had shin splints while I was training for a 5k. Let me tell you that I hate running. And by training, I mean proper training, 5 kilometres does not just come to me like it does for some people. Plus I was still about 86kgs at that point. I had good shoes. I was running on a treadmill, which has more give than a concrete path but it was pretty excruciating. It was all I could do to take my rest days, ice and elevate. When it came to the fun-run, I did pretty well, better than the group of girls I went with and the times I had done before. I pushed myself and that was the main thing.

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That same year, I ended up getting really sick with the flu on new years eve and was in bed for a week. I had signed up for a DietBet over Christmas and it finished on the second Monday of the new year. I was able to reach my goal for the dietbet but I felt like I had cheated because it was muscle loss, not from working hard and limiting my portions. I was out of the gym for 3 weeks that time. And I felt weak and awful when I went back, but I had missed it. This was when I realised the gym had become part of my lifestyle.


In about April 2015, I injured my neck and I had pain shooting pain down into my right pec, shoulder and arm. I was seeing a fantastic chiropractor and mentioned it to her. We had x-rays done and an ultrasound. The x-rays showed that I had “straight neck” or “military neck”. This is from sitting at a desk job and being on my phone too much. I had weakened the front part of my neck, and overstretched the back. The ultrasound showed an almost insignificant bubble of bursitis in my shoulder.

My chiropractor continued adjusting me, gave me exercises to strengthen my neck and I had to stop upper body exercises for a few weeks until the inflammation had reduced. That basically meant that I was back to low-impact cardio, abs and legs. It did force me to seek out different workouts and really tested my commitment to my weight loss. I noticed my shape change and I was a bit sad, but knew it wasn’t forever. I could rest and take care of myself properly or risk injuring it further by adding in extra workouts.

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Throughout the whole time, I have had a niggly right knee. The little supporting muscles tend to get overworked or overstretched sometimes and bug me. I might also twist it a certain way and that causes some pain. But I found that by strengthening my legs, especially the big muscles, that has taken a lot of pressure off the little stabiliser muscles. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I've lost 40kgs.

All in all, running still doesn’t feel good, and I still get shin splints sometimes. And I continue to take care of my neck and right shoulder. I still sit at a desk 9-5 and spend too much time on my phone, so I’m constantly stretching.

Remember that some pain is good, it means the muscle is adapting and growing and changing. And some pain is bad. You are the only one to know if a pain is bad. If you’re even a tiny bit worried, and it’s been over 2 days, it’s best to see a medical professional. I say two days but make your best judgement. Sometimes the pain will subside as the inflammation subsides. Pay attention to the sensations and what causes them, what helps and what doesn’t. But always remember, pain is the bodies way of trying to tell you something, by masking it with painkillers, it’s not going to go away.

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