Weight Loss Tips for Dining Out

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Ever since I’ve started on my weight loss, as soon as I’m invited out for a meal, I immediately start thinking about what to order.

Going out with friends, or being surrounded by good people, drinks and conversation, I tend to overeat. Especially if the food is really good! And someone else made it!

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Or some days you’re on-the-run and need to buy something quick, but you don’t want to ruin your healthier eating habits you’ve formed. Alternatively, you’re just starting out with healthy habit creation and are wondering how to fit life’s busy-ness and dinner invitations into this new lifestyle.

Here’s some tips:

  • Fast food: I tend to head towards shops with fresh ingredients, or simple ingredients. This would include places like Subway, Sushi, Mexican, Sumo Salad or other salad bars where you can design your own meal. Often you have these options in food courts.

  • If you’re in a pinch and have very limited options, most drive-thrus have a salad option, or some kind of grilled chicken wrap/sandwich.

  • Nowadays most menus have Kilojoules or calories listed, try not to cry when you see them. Just ask yourself if that double cheeseburger and fries with coke, is really worth it.

  • Service/Gas stations: most of these have basic household items like yoghurt, cheese and crackers, water and other low calorie drinks. As well as pre-made sandwiches, fruit salads etc… if they look freshly made. If you can, avoid the high sodium fried foods, pies and sausage rolls. Especially if you’re just sitting in the car traveling.

  • Eating at restaurants: If it’s your treat meal, seriously order what you like and ENJOY IT. Savour each mouthful. Monitor when you’re full.

  • But if you’re wanting to have a healthier meal, steer away from fried foods.

  • Watch out for sauces and dressings. Always ask for them on the side.

  • Remember your portion sizes. You really only need the 200g/4oz steak, not the mammoth-sizes ones. Follow the “healthy plate” guidelines, being ½ vegetables, ¼ carbs and ¼ protein. This includes most roasts, chicken and fish meals. But you can also get sandwiches, burgers and wraps with salad on the side.

  • Eat slowly, and monitor when you really want dessert.

  • When it comes to drinks: my preferences are low or no calorie mixers such as club soda/soda water or diet soft drink. My go-to’s are low-carb cider, sparkling wine and vodka/lime/soda’s. I know they’re not very interesting, I’m not a huge partier so it just doesn’t interest me to waste calories on booze.

Girls, I hope this helps you out when it comes to eating out.

wine drinks alcohol low calorie beverages

One last tip, if you can, download the restaurants menu before you go and decide on what you’ll be having. This will avoid rush decisions or being swayed by your friends/family at the restaurant.

Give me a shout if you could use some more guidance on this and other obstacles in your life. They may be stopping you from being the greatest You, you can be. And I know I can help.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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