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Welcome to my blog! This is very new for me but I very much hope you enjoy it and are able to learn something from this.

First, let me introduce myself.

I am Elizah Swan, Owner, Operator and Wellness Coach for Strive Wellness Coaching.

I grew up in south-east Brisbane, Queensland Australia; with my parents and younger brother and sister. When the recession hit, my Canadian boyfriend and I moved to Roma, in outback Queensland. We worked our little tooshies off and started building a life together. We got married when I was 20, which came with its’ own level of controversy. After living in the Australian country town for a while, we moved to Canada in 2011 with the intention of staying two years. Two turned into five and I don’t regret that at all. I learnt a lot. I grew a lot. I became much more open and accepting to new people and ideas. In the process, I became much more experimental and much less judgemental. Since the age of 15 I had been dieting, had pretty intense body image issues and just generally struggled with my self-worth.

I was always looking for that one thing that would make me happy, or skinny, or confident. I believe I was depressed (although never actually admitted that) and I started setting weekly goals for myself. I had started at the gym in 2012 and was gaining some confidence there. I tried a diet called Shred. That gave me the idea to start experimenting with eating concepts. I was slowly gaining confidence by setting those weekly goals and actually achieving them. I was also still looking for my purpose in life. Like I said, I was always looking for that thing that would fill that hole inside me. I knew I wanted to help people. I had vast experience with weight loss by this stage and all different kinds of people. I felt I should somehow be able to harness these skills, but how? I stumbled across Wellness Coaching one day and it just felt right. I realised I’d been coaching myself for over a year at that point.

Wellness coaching can be many things, but to me it’s about releasing the pressure you’ve put on yourself. It’s about figuring out what really matters to you and finding that motivation to go for it. My job as your coach is to help you find what really matters, dig deep into your values and strengths and develop a true vision of what you want your life to be like. We break it down into 3-monthly goals to work towards. Each week when we touch base with each other, you get to assess how things went and what goals you'd like to set for the new week. It’s all up to you. You start to take control and steer your life where you want it to go. I’m there to hold your hand, be your cheerleader, your pit crew, your Person (had to throw in a Grey’s Anatomy reference); if that’s what you’d like me to be. I like to think that I help ease the stress and anxiety that comes with starting something new by simplifying the process. Some of you may like to have structure in your life (me too), I provide that structure for you. Shifting that negative mindset and striving for that next step in the process.

Your mental health is of the utmost importance in my mind. I’ve had depression on and off, which comes with bouts of anxiety and who knows what else. I’m a work in progress too, what can I say. Because I’ve been there, I can help you move through those feelings by finding strong motivators and setting those small goals. That way you’re always looking forward, and you learn to actually feel good about yourself.

I should write a disclaimer, spend time with me as your coach and I will brainwash you into thinking you are ENOUGH.

I am not an expert in any one area of wellness but through my own learning and experience; let’s just say I have some ideas. I’m here to help you; whether you decide to have me as your coach or not, I want to help time-poor women do something to better themselves in the way that they choose. As a coach, I let you sit in the driver’s seat. Blogging is my platform to be the driver.

I’ll be writing about forms of movement, food, weight loss, sleep, mental health, all the typical stuff but from a realistic and non-judgmental stance. I won’t tell you to follow this eating and exercise program for an hour a day, 7 days a week for 3 months and you’ll have rock hard abs because that’s completely ludicrous for many people.

Everyone. Is. Different.

I don’t compare myself to anyone anymore. There are far more important things to focus on, such as helping all the wonderful women who are sick of “losing themselves” in this crazy world we live in. Let’s just do our best. The Strive Blog is to help you become more YOU.

I value honesty, integrity and reliability. My strengths are kindness, honesty and having a realistic perspective.

I hope that you love my blog. And please connect with me every now and then. I truly love to hear from all of you.

In a year, I intend to have posted a meaningful post every week that speaks to you. I hope to have met a few of you. I would love to have coached a dozen of you. I have big plans for Strive and I’m so excited to get them underway so that you can benefit from them.

Comment below if something from this post really struck a cord with you, what was it?

Love love,

Lizah xox


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