What Does It Mean To Be Happy

As a person who’s had an on-and-off relationship with anxiety and depression, finding happiness has been a real process.

There have been moments when I cant even fathom what happiness is or if ill ever feel anything other than shitty ever again. Sorry to get right into it, but it’s true. My mind doesn’t allow for thoughts other than the current worry, fear or limiting belief that’s showing up for me at that time.

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And then, like the saying goes “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” Comment below if you can tell me the author or book this quote is from.

Going in and out of a negative mental state, in my experience, is very similar.

There will be times where I feel strong, strong enough to counter my own thought patterns. Other times, I am so emotionally, mentally or spiritually drained I feel weak. Powerless. Against myself or anyone else.

So in these times of strength, I have come to my belief in Happiness.

Happiness is about finding moments in time, where we can be grateful.

It’s about being present. It’s about being mindful. And truly appreciating that moment for what it is, a moment.

And if each day, we can enjoy multiple moments of Happiness, or any other positive emotions for that matter, then that my friends, is Happiness.

Joy, serenity, excitement, gratitude, hope, kindness, confidence, accomplishment, enthusiasm, admiration, pride, satisfaction, content, loved, valued, appreciated, inspired, amused.

All of these things we will feel at some point in our lives. And imagining the last time you felt these emotions right now is filling you with warmth or a smile.


Now, putting this into action:

Before you go to sleep tonight, take a moment to think of 3 things that you’re grateful for. See this blog if you're keen to read more.

Each day, and it will take practice, try to slow down, take a breath, revel in hitting Send on that application because it’s done. Or smile and take that compliment from your co-worker graciously. Take it in. Believe them.

If your coffee is really bloody delicious today, ENJOY it. Don’t slug it down as you drive, while planning out that 11:30am meeting in your head.

By focusing our attention, we can do more things well. And we find moments of calm, clarity and Happiness.

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Now, I will say this, sometimes your practice might fall by the wayside and you may not feel up to pulling yourself back. But it’s important that you’re aware. Know that you can pull yourself back at any time. Take each moment as it comes and try to find a positive every day.

Side note: I don’t believe anyone can be Happy ALL the time. That’s bullshit.

In Sex and the City, when Charlotte says that her and Harry’s marriage is a happy one, she says that they’re not happy All Day Everyday, but they are happy everyday. This is exactly what I mean. But on a personal level.

Also, you’re not in “the happy persons’” head late at night. Stop playing the comparison game on that one. Let’s try not to assume anything about anything anymore. Getting that through our heads is a good start.

Anyway, happy days my loves.

If you’d like my support on your mindset journey, request a free consultation here.

Love love,

Lizah xo

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