Why I Chose Wellness Coaching

For years I’ve bounced from idea to idea about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Each week I had a new idea and I was dead excited about it. I would tell my family, my husband. But I think I liked the idea of being a forensic scientist, event manager, accountant, a teacher, a psychologist, a massage therapist. And I actually attempted Uni for teaching and have certificates in event planning, bookkeeping, massage therapy and aromatherapy. I worked as a massage therapist for about a year too. But nothing ever really clicked, the excitement never stuck around for longer than 2 weeks. Nothing felt like “Me”.

I was deeply anguished by the fact that I couldn’t figure it out. At high school I worked in hospitality and found that I did not enjoy cleaning up after people, but I liked providing a service. We had regular customers who were notoriously grumpy; I challenged myself to crack a joke or smile extra-wide for them. I worked in retail. While I don’t have a natural tendency towards sales, again I liked providing a service to people, putting a smile on their face and making their day a little brighter. As a massage therapist, the impact I made on someone from when they entered the business to when they left was so fulfilling, even if my body was wrecked. From there I got into Administrative positions – working in a high end hotel, a dental practice, an employment agency, a manufacturing plant, the training department within a health service and now, an environmental consulting firm. I know, wild right? Such diversity. And while I enjoyed parts of each of these jobs, there has always been a part of me that knows I'm here to do more.

At the hotel I learnt how to talk to people from all over Australia (and the world), in different industries, who had different stories. At the dental practice I learnt the importance of procedures, confidentiality and safety. The employment agency taught me empathy and perspective; as well as tearing my mind wide open as I had just moved to Canada. By far my biggest learnings were from my role as the administrative assistant to the engineering team at a manufacturing plant. I became much more logical, practical and a little less emotional in my thinking. My efficiency skills in time management soared. I became a big-picture person, asked for details and became very curious and open to new ways of doing things. I also grew my patience muscle a little bit. I loved the engineers for many reasons, but they do think things through very carefully, so waiting for an answer was sometimes trying.

During these two jobs, I began on my own weight loss process. I call it a "process" because I hate the way “journey” is so cliché and common. The word "process" comes from my manufacturing experience. It’s very much a course of trial and error, or I should say trial and correction. We can make some really good estimates on our own capabilities (capacities) and can conduct experiments with our activity levels and diet to test these. But sometimes things feel tight, they feel pressured, and then all of a sudden there’s a release and a breakthrough. This is how we grow as humans. By stretching ourselves just outside our comfort zones.

I began to set myself weekly goals in regards to my wellness. First it started with exercise and trying different diets, which was a good stepping stone. As I gained confidence, I started testing out other ways of eating and moving my body. I was mindful of whether I enjoyed it, how I felt and what the results were. My focus had shifted from “I’m going to lose 20kgs by Christmas” to the here and now and what I could do that minute, day or week to further myself. It immediately released the pressure of the “long term”, into simply taking each health decision as it came along.

One day I was thinking about how I could use everything I learned, my people skills and industries I’d worked in. My mind often went to health and wellness but personal trainer never really seemed to fit. I started looking into life coaching as an option. I stumbled across this new concept of wellness coaching. I was intrigued. I realised that I had been coaching myself to wellness for 2 years already. I had lost about 20kgs doing this. I researched a lot before telling anyone or allowing myself to get excited, just in case it was like all the other ideas I had. I took a couple of short courses on it to prove to myself that it was the right path.

And the enthusiasm never dropped. If anything, over the last 2 years it’s more deeply ingrained that this is the way I can help working women to overcome shitty emotions and feel empowered. I will aid you in imagining the best life you can and support you while you take steps towards that. Helping you to regain your power, learn who you are and how to be that person literally lights me up. I want to see you ditch the body negativity and gain confidence and feel like you’re enough. Learn that you’re worthy, just the way you are. I will be your cheerleader as you take the steps you wish to, to improve your life. Assisting you to gain clarity, motivation and focus your intentions. And if it doesn’t go to plan or your focus changes, no big deal, I’ll be there too, no judgement.

Call me on 0427 21 31 32 or email me to find out more.

Feel free to leave a comment below on where your mind is currently at in regards to your wellness. What are you feeling and where are you feeling it?

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