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2017 was a big year. Full of ups and downs, steps forward and emotional upheaval. Covering Physical changes, Family dramas, Business beginning, Work stuff, professional & personal development.

Here are my 2 major tips to minimise the damage done by emotional eating:  1) Awareness is Key You will be able to feel that urge to eat everything. Notice the triggers when this happens – was it seeing a certain person, being in a stressful place or situation, etc. Write them down if you like.

Have you heard of “incidental exercise”? This is when you go out of your way to add steps or more movement into your day. This doesn’t include doing an actual workout. What it does include is things like parking your car further from the shops...

What is wellness coaching? As a wellness coach, I understand that when it comes to wellness goals, it’s not always straightforward. Primarily, it focuses on: Nutrition Fitness Sleep Stress Relationships Work/Life balance

Now in 2018, I can safely say that I don't worry as much about what to wear when I go to the beach. Between living in another country, which forced personal growth, plus realistic goal setting, simplistic food and exercise choices and being surrounded by the right people. These all played a role in my confidence.

I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. And I still do sometimes. If you’re like me and know that your emotions trigger eating patterns. Here's why we're programmed to eat when things are good, or bad. Two short exercises to help you tap into why you're wanting to eat everything in sight. And five quick tips for when the urge strikes.

Whether you’re just starting out with workouts, or you’ve been doing midday or night sessions, transitioning into morning workouts can be a big adjustment. Here's 3 Tips, and a bonus 4th tip for how to start working out in the morning. As well as, the benefits of actually doing it. You'll be amazed at the results in how you feel and look by making this change in your routine.

Here's an example of my day of eating. I've tried many diets, meal plans and ways of eating and it was when I ditched all of the diet culture bullshit, I actually made more progress. So, I thought it might help you too. First Thing when you get up have a minimum of 250ml of water  - make it warm if you like, add lemon if you like (to protect your teeth, use a straw).

There’s hobbies that make you money, you can do with a group, as a couple or with your pet. The benefits of having a hobby is that they can keep you active, give you a purpose therefore shifting your attention away from your problems and onto something more positive and healthy. Distracting your mind from the day-to-day and taking a break is fantastic for the mind and body.

The following 10 tips will help you to shift your focus: 1. Change the way you set goals Have you been setting scale-dependent goals? And they’re just not budging? I switched to taking measurements with the tape measure and taking progress pics, which did help a lot.

Whenever I have a scheduled workout but seriously don’t want to do it, I always make a deal with myself. Do 20 minutes and if you don’t want to do any more, then you’re done. This way I’ve got at least some movement into my day, still making baby steps towards my goals and I don’t feel like a fat loser for bailing.

Full disclosure, I don’t have kids (yet), but I did grow up 7 and 10 years older than my siblings and babysat all through high school. I’ve spent a lot of time with kids, and I enjoy being in the kitchen generally.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit flat or uninspired when it comes to cooking lately? It feels like such a chore. But you love your kids and value your family time. Maybe you're a mum or dad that woul...

The Two levels of Self Care are, number one, is to take care of yourself on the most basic level. Shower, eat at regular times, eat nourishing foods, get enough sleep. Now this might sound silly to some of us but if you're a shift worker, work from home or have a crazy AF life, these might be the best you can do. Number two is all those things brands have conjured up in our minds about bubble baths a...

Something’s happened – you’ve been let go from your job, someone close to you has had an accident or passed away, you’ve been dumped, kicked out or something else. Making sense of anything at this point will be difficult. Here's what you might be experiencing, why and how to manage it, with kindness.

Many people rock up at the gym and do one of two things, do the same machines and length of cardio as they always do, or wing it, wasting time and not being challenged. After about 2 weeks, they start noticing some changes – in weight or how clothes are fitting. At about the 3-4 week mark, they get bored. Firstly, consider if the gym is right for you. Second, here's how to design your own workout p...

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