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The overwhelming factor was that I didn't have the money. I lived in a small town, 6 hours from anywhere. in 2009, the idea of weight loss surgery was still new and there were some horror stories about it. Next, all the emotional/stubborn reasons....

The body goes into a Stress Response when it senses a stressful situation, this causes all sorts of physical reactions in the body. For those of us that reach for the donuts and coffee, this blogs for you. Here's two easy ways to curb that stress eating and stay on track.

You’re feeling drained. You go to bed exhausted, and wake up feeling not much better. You hate getting out of bed. Here's a quick and simple routine that anyone can do to prepare their body and mind for the day ahead. 1) Starts with your alarm...

As an Admin Officer, I have sat at a desk for 8 years. And man have I felt the effects of a sedentary job. Especially as I have been embarking on my own weight loss for 5 of those years. It affects your shape, flexibility, strength, and all of these things can cause back pain. So here’s a few things that have helped me stay mobile.

Have you been neglecting a few areas of your life since being in a new relationship? First of all, don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you have goals or there’s something you want to do. Whether it’s lose weight, tone up, take a course, go travelling, whatever it is. The truth is that you need an open and honest conversation.

Whether you’ve got a crazy busy morning and you know you’ll have no time to eat or you just need to be on your game, let's get you sorted. 1) High fat/high protein – think your typical cooked breakfast, bacon, eggs, avocado, halloumi, tofu scramble, smoked salmon. - Having (unsaturated) Dietary fat builds cells and nerves, supports muscles, fights inflammation, and allows your body to absorb certain...

For the month of July, I declared “Declutter month” in my household. I’ve just been living with too much stuff. And minimalism just keep popping up for me lately. However, I am not going to go that far because I need things. I want to keep the things I actually use, or will need to like luggage or  (-20) winter gear. I’ve always felt that having a tidy space, helps put my mind at ease. It lowers anxiety...

The 15 signs that you're overtraining and what you could do about it. There are two options for when you're exhausted and not excited to workout anymore. But you can't stop, won't stop. Tried and True methods that keep you on track but help with your physical and mental recovery.

I’ve always struggled to find focus. I feel scattered, inefficient, a mess really. So I committed to 30 days of meditation, and it was great. Here's my experience, and recommendations.

We’ve all been there, big day, you’re home later than normal and you haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner. You’re either ravenous, or really not feeling like eating but know you should have something. This is where meal-prepped meals come in handy, but if you’re not that organised, no problem!! Whether you're cooking for just you, or the whole family, here are my tried-and-true favourites: 1...

Sneaky implies that it’s wrong, shameful, should be hidden away from prying eyes. You should be embarrassed, horrified even.  ​​   How often are we seeing the caption “just having a sneaky________”. Whether it be wine, donuts, a nap, beverage, dessert, whatever… I don’t care. The more we try and justify ourselves, the more guilt we feel.

When your alarm goes off in the pitch black and all you want to do is stay snuggled in bed. Or when the afternoon carb-attack hits (maybe yours happens after dinner?) and you find yourself chowing down on everything you shouldn’t be. You’re spending a lot more time bundled up on the couch watching Netflix. Here's the benefits of working out in winter and pointers for how to actually get going.

You need something deeper; a motivation that comes from your core. Your personal WHY. By finding something deeper, we can push through those low patches because it means more to us than just looking good. And when we’re able to push through the times where life is testing us, we build resilience.

We’ve all been there, had a family event, a wedding to attend, birthday party, weekend away with the girls or a holiday with your partner… and you had FUN! You didn’t worry about your diet or exercise at all. But now you have the guilts. And you don’t feel great. Maybe sluggish, bloated? Here’s 10 easy steps to sort yourself out.

After seeing my GP, I learnt I had an overactive thyroid but very few symptoms to go with it. What is the thyroid? I'll tell you all about it. This is all about my experience - seeing multiple doctors, getting tests, the verdict and what's happening now.

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